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6 months TTC

Hi all

I have just registered today but have spent a lot of time over the last 6 months reading your stories :) I am on my 6 month of TTC (I know that isn't realistically long but I was always led to believe it was super easy to get pregnant when younger! What did I know :\)

I'm at the stage where I am starting to worry something may be wrong (but trying not to!) but also reading too much into every symptom. So right now I'm at the beginning of the 2WW hoping not to drive myself crazy this time! Except I know I will, so is anyone out there in a similar boat? :)

Didn't get a positive with ovulation test this month but did notice a change in CM. Has now gone back to thick/creamy so guessing ovulation has past. Did BD at the correct times based on CM


  • Hi angeldust. I too have been trying to conceive for 6 months (though feels more like a lifetime). I know where your coming from, everyone tells you 6 months isn't a long time.... doesn't help! Haha. 

    I came off the pill in February and have had very irregular periods (currently on day 40 for this cycle) and it's driving me nuts! I did not get a strong positive ovulation test this month either. Considering going to the doctors next week to see if they will do blood tests next cycle to track my ovulation. 


  • Hi Jlisa :)

    It does feel like forever!! I think I get stressed out (which I know is counterproductive) because I think if it is this hard just to conceive then how will I survive the 9 months of hoping it'll all be okay!

    Oh me too - I had the Jaydess implant as I was very sensitive to oral hormonal contraception and I've never had a regular cycle since - spans from between 28 and 45 days! I suppose what I tend to think is that as long as I'm ovulating there's always a chance! It just makes it so difficult to track anything though so I feel your pain. As well I keep thinking my period is late when its just irregular.  Do you think it's likely that they will? How often have you been testing for ovulation? I know some people do it twice daily but I was just doing it in the morning. Problem is I find the cheaper strip tests a bit harder to read and its expensive getting ones like clearblue to use twice a day


  • Yeah it is supposed to be counterproductive.... however it's impossible to not stress. I have a new plan for my next cycle. I'm going to come off this forum (to help me not to think about it), focus on eating healthy, a bath and relaxation music every night and I have a braclet of crystals associated with the reproductive system (acquired taste, but iv nothing to loose). 

    Oh you know what irregular cycles are like then! ... a pain haha. My shortest was 26 and longest 48. I tend to test when ever I remember as I work shifts. Sometimes once a day and sometimes twice a day. I'm not sure if the doctor will offer the blood tests, but that's what they were going to do for my sister at 6 months (however she found out the next morning that she was pregnant).

    Baby dust! Xx 

  • image this is my log so far, what a mess!

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