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Is this implantation ?

Hi everyone, this is my first post , so I'm sorry that it's about this subject. 

My body is confusing me so much, I have no idea what's going on. We have been trying to a baby for what feels like forever. I suffer from PCOS and due to being over weight I have found the doctors dealing with me to be little or no help, so I decided to go it alone, let nature take its course. I have helped out and lost 8 stone on the meantime, and my cycle went from being all over the place, to every 6 weeks, then every 4 . I know I can have a baby as 5 mths ago I suffered an early miscarriage, however since then my cycle went back to every 6 weeks but still regular. 

I am now due to start my period on the 1st sept however yesterday I have had lower back pain, and very slight cramping along with spotting, this made me think it was period early to add to this I also have sore boobs which normally happen about 2 weeks before which was the case but now again which is unusual. I still have all this today, however there seems to be more brown / dark red blood and looks different to usual, this has now stopped, and there is nothing there, this nothing like a normal period for me and it very rarely comes early.

Not sure if this is me over thinking it and making something of nothing because I want this so badly ... any thoughts would be appreciated ..

Thank you xx


  • Implantation bleeding is usually very light and pinkish to light red. I hope I'm wing, but it sounds like just spotting. Good luck! *Baby dust*

  • Thank you .. you weren't wrong wasn't what I thought.. never mind maybe next month x

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