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Over 2 years TTC finally some luck??

Hi everyone, I will give you a little back ground, been TTC over 2 years with PCOS and decided to relax this month and not use any opks I am pretty sure when I ovulated due to ewcm, the pains and also get horrible skin around ovulation! (Sigh...) anyway for over a week now I have had achey, heavy boobs usually I get sore boobs a day or two at most before AF but this has been well over a week now, also had a few little niggly cramps for around 5 days but nothing major! So I am on CD 30 so would of been due AF yesterday or today based on if I was to have ovulated on CD 14 but think I ov'd CD16 done a HPT today and I am 99% sure I have a faint line I used the internet cheapies so done 4 just to make sure! Lol all had the same Line and came up within 1 minute... but it was so so soooooo faint going to keep testing over the next few days but never had this excitement before so just needed to get it out! X 


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