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7dpo breasts not sore anymore? Ttc

This is the first month of ttc for me, I had my period on the 10th which lasted about 3/4 days, I’m usually on a 28/29 day cycle. I believe I ovulated on the 22nd as I had ovulation pain on right side of my lower abdomen And lots of back pain! Which I never had before on my ovulation. Then around 3dpo I noticed my boobs got very sore which is a normal pms sign for me but not that early! I have also noticed white creamy cm (sorry if tmi). I am now about 7dpo and my boob soreness has almost gone can only feel it if I touch them. This again is very unusual for me as my breasts usually don’t start hurting Till week or days before my menstrual cycle and stop being sore on day of my period. I am 7dpo been getting cramps today starting mid day up to evening, they seem to come and go. could that be implantation or should I rule it out this month due to my bbs not being sore anymore ?😒



  • Hi Xenia,

    There are plenty of women out there who have said that their symptoms disappeared and still got their BFP. I Have had sore boobs since before ovulation this month which is very odd for me. They are still a little sore now 3dpo. I am the same as you I normally get sore boobs before AF but normally around 7dpo. Fingers crossed for the both of us. My friend said she had sore boobs during ovulation when she conceived her daughter it might just mean it was a really good ovulation. Sorry for rambling x

  • my soreness has completely disappeared now which is so weird gor me this early. Fingers crossed we both get our BFP.image im probably going to run out of patience and do a test on Sunday. The 2ww is making me go crazy.

  • Just went to the loo and  have had some bleeding today at 7/8dpo? Implantation or super early af image

  • Xenia, it could be implantation bleeding. I woke up this morning and my breast soreness is gone as well, which is very odd, hopefully it means good things for both of us. Fingers crossed x

  • i Am staying positive at the moment, testing Sunday hopefully it’s not too early, fingers crossed for you too I will keep you updated on Sunday.:) 

  • Awesome, good luck, I am still a while off testing, only 4dpo at the moment. Maybe next Friday I’ll give it a crack. 

  • Good luck to you!:) my breast soreness has come back but only feel it if I touch them.

  • Fingers crossed it stays that way. 

  • Have woken up early today and feel very hungry usually I can’t eat loads in the mornings now I feel like eating a horse lol x hopefully it’s a sign and not just my period on it’s way. Cramps are gone, didn’t have any other bleeds apart from yesterday’s spotting, will Buy a test tomorrow and test sunday morning. If I am not pregnant then I must say these are some very strange pms symptoms lol x 

  • Let me know how you go. Yea, very weird PMS symptoms haha!

  • Been having cramps again, read that implantation cramps can last up to 3 days, hopefully it’s not pms cramps. 

  • Hopefully its a good sign, can't say I have ever experienced it myself. I get pelvic twinges, but I wouldn't call them cramps. I get serious period cramps, but nothing else.

  • Think I have got my first positive today 10dpo very very faint line testing again tomorrow with a digital. 

  • Will it show up in a photo? 

  • Just got my positive on a digital oh god im shocked I knew I wasn’t being crazy haha image

  • I am about 11 dpo and my boobs a very sore to touch x 

  • Hey, saw this on the other thread, congratulations!! 🎉 Have your Boobs been pretty much sore since ovulation? Mine are still sore since ovulation until now, 7dpo. Hopefully it continues. 

  • Yeah pretty much have only stopped hurting for about 2/3 days from like 6/7 dpo now they are sore again x thank you :) 

  • Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months, I’ll probably test on Wednesday, 10dpo. Fingers crossed! 

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