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Omgggg am I pregnant ????

please help me I’ve taken a test and I got this image then this image Please help I only took the test because my boobs were pretty sore and thought I must be due my period... then realised I am also late ?? Please help or advice please thanks xxxx


  • Looks positive to me, retest with frer xx

  • Thanks yes I’m going too get more tomorrow omgggg lol xx

  • Hi there never posted on anything like this before but trying for baby number 2. Just recently started ttc but stopped the pill a few months before that to hopefully get my body working as it should. So I think I'm a poas addict already. image testing since 7dpo using cheap tests from ebay. Il attempt to attach photo of 3 tests from today. Please help il be 11dpo (I think) tomorrow  Thanks much love xximage

  • Hello it looks like a faint positive on the last test like mines , congratulations :D when did you do each of them ? I just joined yesterday aswell I’ve never been on anything like this before but it came up when I was wanting answers yesterday lol try another test tomorrow or by the end of the week , it should be a bit clearer , but omg I can’t believe it ive never had a baby and still not told anybody yet except on this , im still trying too get my head around it lol xx

  • Tell me about it my heads all over the place at the moment. We are supposed to be all relaxed and if it happens it happens but it seems I've turned into a mad woman, peeing on 3 sticks a day haha. The 1st cheapie test was this morning with first morning urine, second around 6 and this about 1 hour ago. Mental I know, told myself I'd wait until Friday... Oops. Just left myself even more confused. I understand the picture quality uploads poorer than in my gallery which Is annoying. I think I seen one of your posts in another thread and looked real positive too me. Xx


  • That’s a positive! Happy 9 months!!! 🎉 

  • MaybeBaby2 I’m morning sure I see anything. It could be a little early. With my LO i didn’t get a positive until day of expected period. Fingers crossed and baby dust to all! 🤞🏼🍼 

  • Do you think so? I did a cheapie test this morning with fmu and negative not even a squinter. I know the top two tests don't look like they have a line but I swear u can see it in my photos just not great quality on here. I don't know what to think now. Kept myself up half the night last night searching clear blue tests and now understand they are notorious for lines. Even more confused. Due AF on Sunday will try my hardest to hold out. Even though its so blooming hard. X

  • Now that’s I’m looking at it again, on the top one I kinda see something. Maybe try an early test and see what that says. 🤞🏼 🙏🏼

  • Yes the top one I see something aswell but keep testing and you never know :D good luck xx

  • Yeahh you should just try and test again , you never know lol I’m guessilong your TTC ? I done more and there all positive I already can’t wait too see and meet my little baby :D xx

  • Congratulations!!!! So exciting! How early dpo did you start testing? I'm day 7 past ovulation and it's so tempting! Xx

  • thanks and yippp i cant wait now :D and tbh I don’t know how many weeks I am I’m guessing it’s still early but i must be at least two or three weeks pregnant now :D have you taken a test yet ?? if You have send a pic in :) xx

  • Amazing, how exciting for long ago did you ovulate? I took one and was negative but I'm far too early haha. I'm not due my period for another  8-9 days so I'll do another few next week. I've been having constant cramp/twinges in my right pelvic side though! 

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