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Which is best ?

me and my partner are TTC After I had a laparoscopy and hysterectomy done 2 months ago. My gyno has given me the all clear and told us we are able to start trying ?  I just wanted if anyone new any tips on how To boost our chances.... I’m debating either To take folic acid or the trying to concieve pregcare tablets. Doesn’t anyone no which ones best and do they help???

thankyou :)


  • It won’t help to try them but I had neither. Just have fun, relax and see how it goes :)

  • Sorry I don't think you can get pregnant after hysteroctomy (removal of the uterus)?

  • I can tell you what I've been taking but what actually worked I really don't know.

    Folic acid, Q10 for healthy eggs, L-arginine for healthy lining. I also heard that baby dose of aspirin cen help. And I was using sperm friendly lubricant

  • Mag I think original  poster means  hysteroscopy 

    Folic Acid and Pregnacare are just vitamins to ensure your body has all it needs if you do fall pregnant. They won't help it to happen so whichever you choose is totally up to you

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