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Help! Feeling odd 5dpo!!

Hi Ladies! My husband and I are on Cycle 3 of TTC (trying to conceive) no. 1 - 27-28 day cycles. First cycle using OPK's and concieve plus! Been using a combination of CB Dual (FMU) and amazon cheapies (About 4pm). Got 5 days of flashing smileys and then peak on CD14 and confirmed in the afternoon! Had OV (ovulation) pains early CD15. We BD (baby dance (sex)) CD6,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16 and 18. Since about 4DPO been feeling twinges in left ovary area and feels a bit swollen just at my hip bone. Had a sudden twinge about 2pm today. I'm also EXHAUSTED and feeling a bit nauseous throughout the day! Anyone else had this and went on to get a BFP?!?

thanks x


  • Hi Sparkle1993,

    I'm hoping this is good news for you! When I got pregnant, I didn't notice any symptoms until after my BFP, all I knew was that I was exhausted every hour of the day. Although, I have heard that some people know right away when they get preggers. It takes about 6-12 dpo (depending on when your fertilized egg reaches the uterus) to actually start producing HCG, so that's when most people's symptoms start.

    Wishing you good luck!!

  • Thanks for the positivity! 

    Im hoping this is our month (Even if it is still early days!) 

    I literally almost fell asleep at work today about 3pm Despite sleeping from 9pm till 5am!! 

    The left side pain is what's throwing me...I usually have OV pains but never lasting more that a few hours! 

  • Hey Sparkle1993 - it is my hubby & I's 3rd month TTC and so far no luck. I am 2dpo at the moment so no symptoms or signs for me as of yet and not expecting much until maybe next week. I did however, have all the symptoms you're having last month. I could have sworn I was pregnant. But unfortunately, on 13 Aug I got the worst period EVER! SOOOO much pain and it was SO heavy! You just never know to be honest. Some women get no symptoms and others get loads of symptoms. Your mind is powerful thing though, if you want something enough it will create feelings and symptoms. Keep an open mind and be ready for whatever you get. Keep me posted, I'd love to hear! 

    Fingers & toes are crossed for you! xxx

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