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6 day early pregnancy tests- are they good?

I'm so tempted to try one, but not sure if they're a waste of money? What are peoples thoughts and experiences with these Early detection tests? I'm 8dpo xx


  • Every body implants differently at different times so I would wait to at least 10dpo then test every two days until missed period! 

  • Good idea, thank you! First month trying and have been cramping in my left pelvic area since ovulation, dull cramps and a few twinges. Bit of heartburn too. Trying not to cling onto every symptom though! :) Xc

  • Right pelvic area not left **

  • I hope you get your bfp! :) Remember you're not out until af arrives! 

  • Very true!! Thanks so much ♥️♥️

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