Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hey everyone just saying hi on new thread so I'm following it xxx

  • Thank you Danielle. Hi ladies just swapped over to this thread. Xx

  • Hi everyone ive followed this thread too xx 

  • Hey lovely ladies,

    Bought myself some Brazil nuts and have been reading some interesting facts about them. In addition to fertility for you and oh, they are also good for hair, skin, the heart and have amazing cancer fighting antioxidants! The recommended intake is about 5 Brazil nuts per day. X

    Flowers how the tww going? Xx

  • Hey sas I've also got some pineapple from what I've read you eat the pineapple and Brazil nuts for 5 days after you that what u have read?

    Yes flowers how is your 2ww going? Xxx

  • Hey trying that's right, I've also read that the selenium they contain will help with oh's swimmers and make them more motile (it's the stuff that comes in abundance in oysters too 😉). Aready told oh he's getting a few after dinner every night and he shrugged and said ok 😂. 

    I said I was taking a more relaxed approach but some healthy natural remedies won't hurt will they??? Xx

  • Hey ladies lovely to hear from you! 

    The tww is going ok so far, noticed I’m having different things happen this cycle but NOT getting my hopes up (so I tell myself) for 3 days I’ve had so much cloudy watery cm which I’ve never really had before and also today a lot of back pain which I normally only get during af and a couple of times I felt like af is coming even tho I still have another 11 days 😩

    dont think I’ve ever had a Brazil nut but might have to give them a try if they are good for you xx 

  • Hi all! I am 11dpo and AF is due 8th or 9th...just wiped and had a tiny bit of pink blood...before this had lots of symptoms and my right pelvic area has had dull cramps since my ovulation day. Could this pink spotting be early period or implantation? X

  • Hi lindosdani! Do you usually get spotting before af is due? If not could be implantation as that is usually pink/brown I think. 

    Good luck to you hoping you get your bfp xxx

  • Sas, I've told myself over again to be chilled but it's just not me lol I am coming on here a little less as was on it daily for weeks and as much as I think u all r fab think I was getting a little (actually a lot 😶) obsessed  🤔🤔 i am not going to log any 2ww symptoms anymore as different each month so wots the point. I'm not excited about it anymore....not sure if that's a good or bad thing 🤔🤔 but bet I will continue to think if it most days though cannot help it....gonna send me to an early grave lol really hope it's our month soon be lively to get BFP on same day....we can dream eh 🤣🤣 xxxc

  • **Lovely not lively**

  • Hi flowers, sometimes but not usually. I normally wake up and my period is there first thing in the morning. Odd times it's been maybe the day befpreor first day of my period where I've spotted. Strangely this is all right hand side cramps/discomfort. Usually I just get a total lower abdomen cramp which I can totally recognise as my AF cramps


  • Oooh i don’t know then, I’m really hopeful for you though! Keep us updated please 😁xxx

  • Thanks flowers!! Will do :) x

  • Hey flowers, when do you think you ovulted hun? Anything different to normal is good and I know it's so hard not to read into things. I think we are all trying to take a much more relaxed approach this month. FC for you. Xxx

    Hey trying, I feel like we are definitely cyle twins not only in length and days but also in how we are feeling. I'm not as excited as I was 6 months ago but I'm still curious. Just feel that I could have every symptom under the sun and I'd still get AF! Let's hope we can be more chilled this tww. Xx

    Hey Lindosdani, like flowers said anythig way from the normal is good. FC for you. Keep us updated. Xx

  • Sas I’m not 100% sure when I ovulated, flo app said the 31st of aug which would mean I’d be 4dpo but on the 28th of aug I felt weird pains/aches and felt like I could of ovulated then which you mean i could be 7dpo so all confusing 😂 just gunna wait and see if af turns up or not and if she is late then test, trying not to get my hopes up lol, hope you are ok xxx 

  • Oh then it's probably best waiting to see if you're late for AF before testing. I'm ok, getting ready for ovulations and started getting fertile so should be in the next 4/5 days I reckon. Xx

  • Thanks too Sas! Baby dust your way ♥️♥️

  • That’s good sas fingers crossed for you! Hoping Someone will finally get their bfp xxx

  • Yes Flowers!!! We need some bfp!!! 😁❤️

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