Trying for a June Baby :)) Join in :)

Hey Ladies, starting a thread for anyone who is trying for a June baby, and starting there cycles again. Im currently Cd 4 :) xx



  • Hey party all the best. I'm just gona join in xx

  • Hey Broody yesss do! How r you? Xx

  • CD 4 for me too today, 26-28 day cycle and going on holiday tonight for a week so hopefully the relaxing will help us! 

  • happy days meowsam, enjoy! I Keep us updated :) CD 5 for me today the witch is nearly away xx

  • Hi all! CD11 for me, felt some cramping last night and had EWCM more than I’d noticed before, was due to ovulate CD15-16 but must have been early this cycle! 

    We BD from CD5, then up to CD9, and CD11,  hoping this will have been enough to cover our basis! But will continue just in case lol!

    Baby dust to us all, hoping we get those much awaited BFP’s!✨

    How long has everyone been TTC? Xx

  • Hey party having a down day yesterday but feel better today. CD 20 today. 

    You'll be glad when AF away and you can start trying again xx

  • Hey all gunna join In if that’s ok, CD 4 for me 😊 this will be my second cycle trying. 

    Hope you’re all well 😊

  • Hi Sarah. 

    Baby dust to you all xx

  • Hey Sarah, this is my 2nd cycle too i am cd 5 :)- what is everyonr plans for ouvlation this time round are we going to use opk? Xx

  • Can I join please, cycle day 20 and 7dpo 1st cycle trying xx

  • Hi ladies! I am CD6 today, 3rd cycle of trying, 1 MC in August. Hoping this month is the one! 

    Baby dust to all xx

  • 2nd proper month of tryin for me :) coming off bc in june last and im havin very long cycles xx

  • Hi Patty, this will be my 4th cycle off BC pills, and mine have slowly gotten shorter, started at 43 and now at 30. Have yours got shorter at all? Xx

  • Hey Lou mine started at 51 & 41 so far :( im hoping they get shorter. Last month i tried the digital clear blue for OT and it say i was ovulating at cd 18 but my Af didnt come til 23 days later surely that cant be right? The apps on my fone are saying now that i am ouvlating later in month. I dont know xx

  • Hi Patty, did you use an advanced digital? When you get a positive it means you will ov 12-36 hours later, but that still doesn't make sense with timings. I don't really know what to say, other than just keep BDing every 2/3 days throughout the whole cycle that way you won't miss it! 

    My apps told me I was going to ovulate around CD22, and OPKs looked positive ish around then, but with a 30 day cycle I am now more inclined to say I was right when I thought I felt ovulation pain around CD15! Who knows what our bodies do xx

  • please can I join? I’m CD 10 today and going to start OPKs this afternoon.

    good luck you all


  • Hi Ladies! Id like to join in please! CD3 for me-cycles roughly 26 days but very short AF so I may have a hormonal imbalance  Stopped BC in May and took 3 months to get AF.  Trying lots of supplements to help things along.  TTC is all i can think about and the usual symptom spotting obsessing!

    Baby dust to all of you 

    Loulou its so frustrating how long it took for my cycle to regulate after bc  

  • Awk thanks my dear, dont know if we can dtd every 2 or 3 days with way we work but im hoping to dtd with digital clear blue and also will keep taking the cheapies and see if it says im positive during later in cycles. Both apps i have on my fone r saying im ouvlating later in my cycle. Irregualr cycles after BC are a bumer!! Xx

  • Hi everyone will catch up on comments later but for now has anyone ever had this happen it's a first for me, should I be worried??? July cycle I got positive opk CD24 and cycle was 35 days long then the last cycle, I got positive opk CD16 and my cycle was only 26 days. So that was weird to start with as my usual is that I ovulate around CD19/20 and my cycles are mostly 30 days. But my AF is still on going and I'm on CD8 and still spotting. This has never happened to me, usually 5 days and it's over 🤷‍♀️. What do you think??? Alyssa xx

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