Just starting out on this trying for a baby journey - anyone else?


Anyone else just starting out on this journey? I feel a bit clueless about the whole getting pregnant thing...apart from the obvious!

Just wondered If there were any other newbies to this who wanted to go through it together?!

My husband and I finally started ‘trying’ over the weekend....so now I guess we carry on and wait!!



  • Hey evielou

    Im  new to the babymaking journey lol my husband and I just really started this month! Today is O day I’m nervous, excited, anxious, and impatient haha ! 

    Do you know when you’re O day is about I have just been using a tracker & I’ve had eggwhite discharge for a few days! 

  • Hi!

    *yippie a friend!! Hehe!!*

    Oh wow! That is exciting!! How do you now it’s today? Have you been using the ovulation tests??

    Mine all keep saying negative 😂 I’ve used them everyday for a month and not once got a positive! What tracker have you been using? I’ve got Flo?!

    We’ve been ’trying’ regardless of the negatives...I’m nervous/excited/trying not to get my hope up for period day (usually the 12th/13th of the month!!) 


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