Should I test? Not sure I can cope with seeing another BFN!

Me and my hubby have been TTC 1 year for our 1st child. 

No idea what DPO i am (we took a couple of months out of using OPK’s to see if it would happen without the stress). AF is due today and no sign yet - no cramping or discharge. 

Couple days ago, I was eating dinner then suddely had the urge to throw up (but didn’t), couldn’t finish my dinner and spent rest of the evening feeling super nauseous.

My breasts feel a bit sensitive but I get that when I’m due on anyway. Also today i cannot stop peeing!! I think I’m going like every hour at least.

I know I won’t know until doing a test but what do you think ladies? I don’t know if I can bare to see another BFN!

Thank you x


  • I returned from holiday yesterday and the entire week I was away I felt so exhausted, sick, swollen breasts and stomach pains. I was also 2 days late for my period, so I was really hopeful as me and my partner have been trying for a Year now. 

    Anyw I did a pregnacy test when I got home and it  was negative And today I started my period :( 

    i would advise to just do a test ASAP, I got my hopes Up all week and was almost convinced it would be positive and was shattered when it came back negative because I had been thinking about it all week. 

    Hope its good news for you! Sending lots of luck xx

  • I’m sorry, it’s horrible isn’t it seeing those BFN’s 😞 

    I’m really trying not to get hopeful as seen we started TTC my body seems to like playing tricks - I will do a test tomorrow is AF is still a no show


  • Yeah it’s very disappointing isn’t it :( 

    i feel like When you want something so bad, your body must decide to trick you, because I’ve had so many symptoms more than once and each time you get hopeful it’s heartbreaking. 

    i Really hope that this is your time! Fingers crossed, let me know how it goes :) x

  • Thank you, I will let you know 😬

    Wishing you lots of luck on your TTC journey also


  • AF arrived this morning 😭

  • Oh im so sorry :( I know how you must be feeling. But try and stay positive and relax, it will happen for us! 


  • Thank you, it’s really silly but i’ve been crying on and off today 😢 I just don’t know how much longer I can stay optimistic - my next cycle will be 13th month TTC and I’m almost 30 when my fertility will naturally start to decline 😩

    Are you trying for your 1st? xx

  • Plus I was NEVER late until we started TTC and during the last year i‘ve been late about 4 times. Feels like my body is being intentially cruel :(


  • It is disheartening and it’s not silly at all, I get upset too and you are totally okay to be sad about it. 

    yes, it would be first. I’ve had an early miscarriage about 18 months ago which was heartbreaking :( I feel my body is punishing me. 

    Im 25 but my partner is 32 so as a couple we dont want to have to wait much longer, it’s so frustrating! I feel like when I express My concerns to my GP I’m dismissed because I’m “young“. 

    I think you must get late because you’re stressing over it or thinking about it more because I’m exactly the same. I feel like I’ve tried everything. 

    :( xx 

  • There’s so many ppl around me who have become “accidentally“ pregnant, and there‘s me and you TTC for over a year, doesn’t seem fair 😞


  • Yup I totally know how you feel, people really close to me have fallen pregnant with children they don’t even want or planned for. Makes me so mad when I want nothing more than a baby and would sacrifice everything to be a mum. 

    I hope we both fall pregnant this Year at least! 


  • so, I got my period Monday and it only lasted two days and usually 5-7 days sometimes longer. I just don’t feel right and each morning been feeling sick and shortly after eating, tummy feels tight and Lower cramping. 

    I feel like my body is playing tricks on me :( xx 

  • Was it lighter than normal? My general rule is see a little clot, I’m out for the month for sure. Light bleeding is possible in pregnancy. Have you done a test?


  • It has been quite light but not noticed any clot :/ no I haven’t done a test but did one a few days before my period and it was negative so don’t know x 

  • Maybe do another test for peace of mind. I’d love to say you sound pregnant but likewise my body has played so many tricks on me. But have hope 😊 let me know the outcome! 


  • I’ll have To try tomorrow, but I feel dreadful so no doubt it’s some Sort of bug if not. I’ll update you :) thank you! Xx 

  • Good luck hun 🧚🏻‍♀️✨ hope it’s your BFP!


  • Thank you ❤️

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