8DPO huge prominent blue veins??

Possibly 8DPO today CD 18, the last few days I’ve been experiencing increased CM, low back ache, sore heavy boobs, and now very prominent blue veins on my nipples/boobs...

Has anyone had any symptoms like this and it’s turned out to be a BFP?? I’m dying to take a test but my partner doesn’t want to until I’ve missed AF, only another 7-8 days to go 😳 xx



  • Hi KatieLou, sorry I can't offer any advice but it sounds promising. We are cycle twins...I'm 9dpo today, although didn't use opks, going my ovulation cramps. It's a bummer when you want to test. My oh just doesn't understand and tells me my body will tell me when I miss my AF. I test anyway...lol. sender by bay dust your way. Xx

  • *sending baby dust

  • It’s so hard, but these symptoms are competely new to me, never have backache and the boobs are so heavy, alongside the very prominent blue veins, like they actually shocked me and even my partner said woah! I’m really hoping it is leading towards a BFP but obviously don’t want to get my hopes up! 

    Ah cycle twins! its the same for me I was due to ovulate CD15 but due to EWCM and cramping I assume I ovulated CD10 instead! It’s so so hard, because he thinks the best way is to just wait for a missed period, I can’t wait that long I’m so impatient 😩

    Have you got any symptoms? Sending baby dust your way too! ✨xx

  • They do sound promising especially if it's out the norm and your oh even mentioned your veins. I completely get why you don't want to get your hopes up as it's just an emotional rollercoaster. I have fingers and toes crossed for you. You're so strong not wanting to test, you're definitely doing it the right way. I just have no will power at all when it comes to poas. I have lots of will power with other stuff but just can resist cracking one of those little sticks open to pee on! When is your AF due? 

    I have had some shooting pains from 5-8 dpo bit I had them later month and nothing came of them. Other than that nothing, in fact o feel quite normal. I'm going to test tomorrow but won't be too disappointed in bfn as I know it's still early. Xx

  • As soon as I saw the veins i immediately though omg could I actually be pregnant?? Because every cycle ive had silly symptoms of sore boobs etc and tried to convince myself that I was but this is totally different! Thank you :) I used to have no willpower and have probably spent hundreds on silly tests, testing before AF was due, but I kept it from my OH and then one day a faint line came up, did more tests that were postive but the next day started bleeding which turned out to be an early miscarraige, so now Im more nervous and would rather have my OH right there with me to hopefully make it more special!! 

    AF is supposedly due on the 28th, but last cycle I came on 2 days earlier and due to ovulating 5 days earlier I don’t know when to expect it! With these symptoms I am dying to take a test!! When’s your AF too?? I’ve had an array of symptoms but the last 2-3 days have been crazy bad in terms of backache, boob pain etc! i hear a lot of people have no symptoms at all and get their BFP’s! Let me know how the testing goes, fingers crossed for you!! ✨

    So sorry for the super long message lol! How long have you been ttc and is this #1?? Xx

  • It all sounds so promising and if you think you ovulated 5 days early then your AF could be due earlier so you could potentially test monday?? How are you today? Feeling anything different? Xx

    I'm on cycle 7 of ttc #1 and I have been crazy symptom spotting and testing since the start 😂. I did a test this morning after about a 4-5 hour hold (I had to pee in the middle of the night) and got a very faint BFP. I'll attach a pic, the photo does it no justice. I've had a few stitch like feelings since about 3dpo and today have been cramping like mad but not die AF until Sunday. I'm going to wait a few days and test friday - that's if I dont cave tomorrow morning!!! Xx


  • The photo is crap really, it's better in person x

  • What about you? How long ttc and is it also baby #1? Xx

  • Exactly, I’ve got a couple clear blue test, I’m going to take one in the morning I know it’s early but I can’t wait any longer! Nope I don’t feel any different boobs are still crazy sore and heavy, very prominent blue veins still, backache and on/off feelings of nausea also today I’ve developed a cough and stuffy nose plus I felt like I had a fever but was shivering could be the start of a flu but who knows!

    This is technically cycle 6 ttc #1 but has previously mentioned, I had an early miscarraige and before that we wasn’t actively trying but wasn’t using any form of birth control for at least a year and a half-2 years!

     Oh wow I’m really hoping this is your BFP! Admittedly I can’t see much in the picture but like you say the camera never seems to pick it up as well as the naked eye! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Xx

  • Morning hun,

    Did you test?? I'm so sorry to hear about your MC, I can't even begin to imagine how that feels. So hope you will catch very soon. 

    I caved and tested this morning and got a bfn, do I guess yesterday's was a cruel indent, just annoys me as it came up within the timescale. I figured though there's no point I getting down as it wasn't even a true positive so will not count myself out until AF shows. I have no idea when I ovulated so have decided to test again on Sunday. He least I'll be by then is 13dpo and the most 15dpo (if she hasn't turned up that is). I have no symptoms, no sore boobs which is abnormal for me as they're normally dropping of by now. Did you find out about veiny boobs from anywhere else?? Xx

  • Hey Hun,

    Yes I tested this morning, BFN but when I opened the test the horizontal line was visible, wish I’d have taken a picture because it looks faulty and then when I actually used the test the line didn’t come up how it usually does! So think I’ll wait a few days and test again with a different test! 

    Thank you, me too I just really want to be pregnant before the previous due date!

    ahh I’m so sorry to hear, testing can be so cruel with stuff like that!  you said you’re not out till AF shows her face so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!! 

    Not really, a lot of sources online say you get that in early pregnancy like darkening of the nipples and stuff but god knows there’s also lots of reasons it can happen xx

  • Hi KatieLou, 

    Just checking in, any signs of AF yet??? Xx

  • Nope no signs.. feeling very nauseous, still got backache, boobs on and off sore, tummy feels weird and tender too, don’t feel like AF is going to show her face, possibly due from today! 

    How are you getting on? Xx

  • Also lots of white creamy Cm no idea what it could mean xx

  • It all sounds so promising for you. I've heard that your boobs can be on and off in early pregnancy too. Are you going to test tomorrow?? I really have everything crossed for you.xx

    I'm good, no idea when AF is due but it can be any day from today so I've just convinced oh to test tomorrow. My cm was dry for a few days, then snot like (sorry tmi) and now lotiony/creamy today. My right boob is sore around my armpit. I also had hot flashes last night, even my oh couldn't believe how hot I was. Trying my best not to get my hopes up as I've been let down so much in past cycles but we will see. Xx

  • I think I’m going to leave it as long as possible although I belive I’m due today, by my cycle dates AF is due Friday, so I’m going to play the seriously hard waiting game and maybe test in a few days or next weekend if no AF 🙈 I really hope this is my BFP though! 

    Symptoms are so hard to decipher, whether it’s down to pregnany or AF! And it’s so hard not to eat your hopes up either!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! ✨🤞 xxx

  • You too. 🤞❤️🍀

  • I feel so so sick like im going to throw up everytime move and I’m finding it hard to swallow, dying to take a test!! But don’t think my Oh will want to 😩 xx

  • I can imagine you want to test especially if you are feeling the way you are. Can you convince your oh? Xx

  • image

    Convinced OH to buy some more tests, just taken a FRER and it was a stark white BFN :( I know it’s late in the day but these tests are meant to be so sensitive I’ve known people to get BFP’s @ 8dpo really think I must be out this month xx

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