Really faint positive or evap lines?


So I have been taking clear blue tests and had a couple with really faint lines. I took one this morning and didnt really see anything and then did a different pink ink test midday and that was a definitely negative. I did another tonight (as my pee seems to be stronger later) and it came up with a faint line, but now im being told by friends that clearblue tests always have that line and that it probably is an evap line. I am 9dpo (4 days til period due) please can any of you guys just give me your opinions on the test photos and your experiences. Im going a little bit out of my mind 😔 


  • imageimage More photos of same test...

  • I was the same last week faintest line ever which has gradually got darker...try and in 2 days as still quite early and try first response they’re the most sensitive xx

  • Really? Ok that makes me feel a bit better! Do you see the faint lines in these photos? And also, how many dpo were you when you got darker? Thanks so much for replying, im feeling so anxious! 😫

  • sorry to butt in but I do see the faint lines and I think a first response would have an even darker line! They can pick up 6.3 or something is what Ive always read 

  • Just to let you guys who replied know... i took a digital clear blue test today 11DPO and 2 days before AF is due and it said Pregnant 1-2 ... yay!!! Let‘s hope this little one sticks and doesn’t break my heart xxx

  • Npw10 ,

    Congrats Mama! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy! All the best.

  • Sorry npw10 didn’t see you’re question until today. Mine didn’t get darker until 14/15dpo. Congrats anyway xx

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