Let the TWW commence...! Join if you’re in the same boat!

Hi ladies! My TWW (month 5) is about to start. Be nice to chat and keep each other going image xx


  • Hi Jester My TWW will start tomorrow as its O day today for me.  This is month 4 for me.  Baby dust to you!

  • Hi ladies. I'm 4/5 days post ovulation I think. Didn't do ovulation tests this month so it's a guess. Feels like it's been ages already. Hope this is the month for you guys :) x

  • Joining! I'm in the TWW, but I don't know how many DPO I am, probably around 5dpo. Sending positive energy and baby dust to all!!

  • Hi!

    I don’t do OPKs so I don’t I know how many days post ovulation. To be honest we’re still going just in case! 😂 But I’m on cycle day 19 (cycles are usually between 28 and 30 days) and all symptoms point to probably have already ovulated.

    Hope this is all our month! Baby dust to all xx

  • Also joining! Am 10/11dpo my cycle is 28 /30 finger closed to u all 

  • Hi ladies. I gauged my fertile days roughly this month as we were on hols and I forgot my opk tests. Had a lot of u protected sex. Period not due until wed, however had bleeding(bright colour) yesterday, thought my period was early, that never happens! Bleeding appears to have stopped again today. Now I’m full of nervous energy! Haven’t got any other symptoms, but I’ve never experienced sore boobs etc during AF, only mild cramps. Also put my back out the other day so i have back pain anyway, so any comin from potential pregnancy would be masked by this. Afraid to get my hopes up but wondered if anyone could shed light on this for me. 

  • Aww I hope it’s positive news for you!!! Got everything crossed for you! Xx

  • Thanks Hun. Have slight cramping this eve but feel also like I need the loo (tmi inknow🙈) it’s my bday next week so would be a lovely bday to have a BFP. 

  • Awww that would be a lovely birthday present!! The best!

    ok so today I’ve had twinges low in my tummy on and off. Feel a bit crampy but sharper. I’m about 6dpo. I’ve had spotting the last couple of days but I have cervical erosion so could be that.  Totally overthinking everything! Lol. Anyone else had similar? Xx

  • Morning ladies, how are you all feeling?  Im currently on day 4dpo i have been having slight on and off cramping since O and a little backache.  Its so hard not knowning what is going on in there! Baby dust to all :)

  • Test message

  • Recieved loud and clear Daniele 

  • Thanks Genabella, and please do ignore me! Just checking something works! 

  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm at 10dpo today. I don't really have any symptoms although I have been really lightly spotting for the past few days. Not getting my hopes up, since this could me AF starting to show up as well. Was hoping for a honeymoon baby, but I guess we'll just have to keep trying <3

    Hoping for BFP for everyone!!

  • Oh forgot to mention, I've been tracking my cervical height (not sure if it matters), it was low yesterday and today it's high again. Don't really know what that means, but figured I'd mention it and see if any of you knowledgeable ladies have any ideas?

  • I track my cervical height but get conflicting ideas when I google what it means! Lol. I’m such a novice at this. I’m on cd 25 (usually 28/29 day cycle) and have had some twinges and cramps that feel ‘different’. Hoping so much for a BFP but think I’m probably just looking for signs and symptoms and AF will arrive in a few days.

    I’ve been quite low this week about it all. How are you all coping with the TWW?


  • Hey!! I’m 9DPO I’m hoping I’m not coming down with something but today I’ve had nausea, dizziness and headache, too early to have any kind of pregnancy symptoms?  Does everyone have spotting with implantation? I have not had spotting , just cramping and tender breasts but it’s so hard to tell because I usually have AF symptoms a week before I start anyways which includes sore breasts and mild cramping.  AF would be due Oct 2nd/3rd . 

  • I’m out this month ladies. AF arrived with full force yesterday - 3 days early. Month 6 here I come. Best of luck and baby dust to all xx

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