1 dpo - anyone else want to join me?

Good morning!

Looking for ladies at 1 dpo who want to go through the 2 ww together! :)

This is my 3rd cycle trying!



  • Hello Kitty! It is O day for me today so i will be a day behind you!  this is cycle 4 for me after coming off the pill. Quick question - is it more beneficial to BD the days before O or O day and afterwards? 

  • Sleepy cat! Thanks for joining me! :) I'm now 2 dpo!

    I believe it is good to bd the day before and on o day. I have read that it only takes about 30min or more for the swimmers to reach the egg, and then a few hours to try and get in! So you can definitely get pregnant the day you ovulate!

    No symptoms yet for me.. but I didn't have much last cycle either!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Kitty!  Im not too sure whether to count my positive OPK as O day or the day before?! had a very strong line first thing this morning.  Never had one that strong before!

    OK yes 2dpo hopefully you may get some Implantation bleeding soonish? !

    Very best of luck to your swimmers in there!

  • I never did an opk test, (I usually use my app and cm) so I can't tell you for sure, but from what I've heard when the line is darker than the control line you are ovulating. But it is a great sign if it is the strongest line you've had so far! Happy bd'ing!! Are you trying for your first one?

    I am not really expecting any symptoms until at least 7dpo. So I will just try to keep busy, stay positive and hope for the best! I've been eating brazil nuts daily to help with implantation, taking multi vitamins, and exercising a few times a week.. I hope this is my lucky formula! 

  • Thank you Kitty, yes it will be my first! Im nearly 37 so im feeling the pressure!  I had some CM yesterday not so much today though even with the dark line - so hard to know what my body is really up to.

    Oh yes i have started the brazil nuts today I havent tried them before - so maybe we could be lucky this cycle!  Are you trying for your first?  My work colleague who is 25 got pregnant first try - no sex for weeks then one time sex at ovulation and bam she was pregnant!  Makes me feel a bit old and failing as we both started trying at the same time and here I am 4 months later.  

    But it will happen for us when its the right time!  Please keep me updated on any symptoms you get kitty! (it could be happening for you right now!)- I just watched the great sperm race on youtube!  so scary how difficult it really is for the little sperms!

  • Sleepy cat - I have friends who got pregnant without trying as well, but I just keep in mind that maybe my body isn't ready yet and that it'll happen when the time is right! :) So try not to compare yourself to your coworker! Also maybe she says she got pregnant right away, but it might not be the case... I know I wouldn't tell everyone how long it is actually taking me to get pregnant!

    Cm confuses me so much too! I barely got any when my app predicted ovulation 2 days ago. And just now I just wiped (tmi sorry) a lot of clear and slippery cm. I am not sure what it means.

    I am 25, I was really thinking I would fall pregnant right away. But I did not get lucky yet! I guess there is only a 20% chance of getting pregnant each cycle, so I try to stay positive..

  • It sounds like you are still fertile! I had a scan today as a follow up on some cysts I had.  The lady confirmed the cysts had gone and could see I had ovulated! The cysts were due to the pill and apoarappar settle after a few months.  I am so pleased.  Do you get cramps when you ovulate at all ? I could really feel it yesterday evening after I had the positive opk first thing yesterday morning! I would keep bding kitty! My cm was watery for about four days.  A bit still today (1dpo)

    You are right it will happen when it is supposed to..sending lots of baby dust your way x

  • Billythekitty - how are you?  have you had any symptoms yet at all? x

  • Hi.. I’m 2-3 dpo. Thought i would join on if that’s okay. X 

  • Hi Meganrose,  im 4dpo  been having slight cramping on and off since O day no idea what to make of it! how are you feeling?

  • Hi, I was just bloated yesterday but nothing really much else. I do have tender breasts today thou. 

  • thats positive!  are you trying for your 1st? 

  • My second, my first is 5! I came off my pill the end of May. What about you? 

  • This will be my 1st at 36!  I came of the pill beginning of May.  I had a scan that came up saying i had cysts (as it took my body 3 months to get a period after the pill)  then last Friday i had a follow up scan saying i was now cyst free and that the pill causes them!  She could also see that i ovulated on Thursday such a relief to know its all working ok.  Funny we both stopped the pill in May maybe and our cycles pretty close - maybe this could be our month!

  • Hi ladies! And welcome MeganRose! 6 dpo for me, no symptoms yet. Patiently waiting for AF on October 4th. Last cycle, I barely had any pms symptoms, so we will see how it goes this month! I am crossing all my fingers for a bfp for all of us this cycle! Sleepycat, great news on the scan! It must put your mind at ease to know you are cyst free! Keep us updated on symptoms! :)

  • Thanks billythekitty! yes its a huge relief!  my app says my AF is due 4th Oct too!  my cycles have varied between 23-27 days and i only bleed for two days so im worried my lining might not get thick enough.  So many things to worry about!  My fingers are well and truly crossed for us all this cycle - sprinkling baby dust to you all x

  • Oh really, glad it’s all good now for you. yes I’m hoping so, feels like forever. It must be really hard for people to try longer than a Year! 

    and hello.. my app says I’m due on the 4th also!! but I think i will be due a few days later Than that.Yes maybe this month will be lucky. X

  • This is amazing! We can all find out together!

    MeganRose-did your cycle resume normally after you quit the bcp? I think mine did, but I don't know for sure if ovulation resumed.. Have you been trying since may, or you took a more laid back approach in the beginning? Time is definitely dragging, and I am so impatient to finally get a bfp! But at the same time a little bit scared, so I don't mind the wait haha!

    Sleepy cat - 2 days is pretty short. I was worried too with my 3-4 days very light bleeding and read about the thin uterus lining and its implication. I read online about natural remedies to make the flow healthier and it included easy things like exercising, staying hydrated, lower belly massage to help with the blood flow, and a herb extract to help with the blood flow: dong quai.. but after talking about it on this website I realized that keeping up with my new habit of eating brazil nuts in the morning would also help!

  • My cycles have been going up in days since I stopped (20/22/24/27) and yes we’ve been trying as soon as i stopped it. Haha yes I agree. We’ve not told anyone we’re trying, and keeping it to ourself for as long as I can hide it. 

  • Please can I join in? I’m now 6dpo and the 2ww is just starting to drag a bit now. How are you guys feeling?

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