False positive

have anyone ever gotten a false positive ???? 


  • Hi hunni no I have not.. only 1 positive with my daughter and a bunch of negatives. ....trying for number 2 xx

  • No never a false positive. Got 3 last cycle and then 5 days later AF came. So had a chemical pregnacy. Did you get a positive test? X

  • So you were pregnant when you got 1 positive and the rest negatives ? Did you have any symptoms ? I don't think I have any 

  • imageYes this is my test ! 

  • That's definetly positive chick congrats xx

    So what 3 positives over a fee days but the little bean didn't stick and so it was a very early miscarriage. They call it a chemical pregnancy at that stage. 

    All the best to you xx

  • Congratulations!!! Wow that's some next level dark line!! Good luck and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!! X

  • Hi hunni, I had sore boobs and was irritable and felt like I was going to have my period but did not. That looks like a lovely positive when was you due on? If you are unsure do a digital one that tells you pregnant or not that's what I did xxx

  • I did a digital one it said not pregnant. I clear blue test 

  • Oh ok when did u test with digital? They are not as sensitive so may have been too early you could either try another or make an apt with your doctor ....good luck xxx

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