Hi Guys, 

I am 6dpo (If i ovualted) adn 20 days into my cycle. Today i had some light spotting extremly light and pressure feeling all day in my lower belly. I dont get a cycle unless im medicated and my doctor has just said we need to start IVF as soon as possible as he thinks its the only. Now i am confused. As i have heard of implatation bleeding and was wondering if this could be it? Ive never been pregnant and weve been trying for quite sometime. Do i test and when do i or do i call my doctor?



  • Hi Brooke, it takes 2-4 days for hcg to build up after implantation to be detected. Try first response in 2 days. The longer you wait the better obviously :) good luck. Hopefully you will get your BFP this month!

  • Brooke77 ,

    Try to wait it out as long as you possibly can. Getting a false positive sucks. Wait until at least 4 days before your expected period to test, that's my advice :)

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