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Implantation Bleeding or period

hello Ladies

so basically I had unprotected sex on September 8th, (According to my period app lol I was supposed to get my period on the 21st) however it came on the 19th very light and it’s been here just lingering & light since then. Also I ovulated from September 2-8 So I’m not sure if I should take a test now bc I don’t know if it’s my period or implantation bleeding?!?


  • I'd do one just for peace of mind. Nothing expensive but if it feels unusual/different there's no harm in checking it out. 

  • Interested in this I’m In similar boat. Ovulation should have been 10/11 days ago. Had light period like cramps and bleeding yesterday. Bit nothing at all today. Period not due for Nother 4/5 days. Could this be implantation? 

  • I took a pregnancy test which came out negative so I’m not sure why I’m bleeding so light 

  • Maybe wait and see if the bleeding intensifies is into a normal period. Of it dowNt maybe test again in another week. I read somewhere that the levels of hormone the test picks up vaies from woman to woman and can take longer to pick up. Good luck!  I’m afraid to test. My period due date is wed 26th so I’m gonna hold out til then 

  • Hi hope some one can help as im very confused. My bf and i had sex on the 3rd and i ovulated on tje 6th of sep. We then had sex again on the 10th and  then on the 11th i had some pinkish red blood when i wipe that stayed for a day i think. But now again i had some spotting on the 21st and then it went to flow some more like my period but also not as often as my normal period, the colour was red or brown and thin. Normally my period blood is very dark red and thiker. It stayed until 25th sep. I also done a test in the morning of 25th.My period is meant to start on the 26th, its always on time. If it is implantation bleeding then it is my first time. I did not get pregnant before. When can i check if im pregnant or not?

  • hey. An  early detection test should be able to pick up now if u are pregnant or not, although l I am due the same day as you(26th) and also had some bleeding last week for one day. I did a test this morn and got negative. I am going go wait and do another ina. Few days if my period doesn’t show up.hope this helps, let us know how you get on. 

  • Hey. I took a test on 25th mornjng and it was negative, i think i will take one today morning aswell. Im just very baffled cz there are few symptoms that match, i did get light cramp, unlike my period which i isually take pain killers and a nap for it to stop, but this cramp was very light and maybe 30 min long. But then the amount of blood that came was almost like period blood. Only thinner and red instead of think and dark. Im just annoied and confused tbh 

  • I’m in the same situation Zania. It’s so confusing. I tested yesterday and got bfn, but no sign of Af today. All I had was a day of bleeding on Friday last week. I’m never that early(5days). I’m gonna wait a few days if I can stick it and test again on Friday 

  • hi I’m 7dop ttc and started spotting 2 days ago. I had a temp drop but it’s gone high again. Wondering if it’s implantation or my period mega early. Not due on till next Wednesday. I hate waiting. Spotting is still happening only when I wipe tho!!

  • I am having the same.. started with brown discharge then 4 days before period due heavy red then back to brown all in 3 days. Period due today tested this morning got bfn feeling very sick this morning. I think I'm clutching at straws that it was implantation 

  • Same to me i have abdominal  cramps , feels to vomit, when i touch my abdominal i feelt something 
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