Trying for a baby in September - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Trying for a baby in September thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Hello everyone not posted in a while. I did a FRER last week and got a BFN but period (usually like clockwork) is now 2 days late! I’ve had a few twinges but nothing like my normal AF cramps, weird thing is I’m too nervous to take a test! 

  • Today for me is 12dpo on 10 and 11 I got BFN I've decided I don't have the heart to keep testing I'll only test again if af doesn't show up tomorrow or Thursday :( I'm really not looking forward to going on month 6 of ttc.... I feel so low and nobody understands how it has been making me feel ( hubby and best friend )

    Katie I would try the test I know you said you're nervous but at least it will put your mind at ease it would be such great news if you got your bfp! 

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    Due af at the weekend but positive opk day was only last Sunday so not sure of cycle is a bit longer this time.

    Anyways had a crappy day so thought while feeling crappy might as well test but bfn. Early days I know but it's a frer so think I'm rolling sadly into month 11 of ttc.


  • JA I feel the same I'm so dang desperate for a bfp I'm in tears I feel like dh doesn't get it I feel like it will never happen for me I know it's only 5 months ttc but I've also been trying to get hubby to agree to ttc for over a year and now that he's finally ready it won't happen :( 

  • So annoying isn't it?! I had no idea we would be looking at 12 months almost to get there. If I had, we would have tried sooner.

    There is still a chance for both of us I guess. Only over when af shows up! 

    Try to remain positive but it really does take over some days doesn't it xx

  • Hi 5weeks 2days and today I’ve started miscarrying gutted 😢 my 1st one so unsure how works. Is today counted as first day of period? X

  • Carebear I’m so sorry 😢 are you certain it’s a mc? x

  • razoredcarrot ive never had one before but I guess it is. I had brown discharge this morning followed by bright red bleeding all day. No cramps, clots etc but the bloods a bad sign so I suppose I have to accept it. I want to try again ASAP but unsure how it works. Will I ovulate as normal? X

  • I honestly have no idea carebear :( just keep watch on the bleeding I saw Stuzy had bleeding and when she went for her scan her baby is fine I'm not saying it's the same but sometimes bleeding can happen just watch for clots and keep testing...

  • Welp just noticed I'm spotting pink today af will definitely start tonight or tomorrow :(

  • I’m so sorry you are going through this worry carebear.  Im not entirely sure as my loss was a mmc at 13 weeks found on a scan. There is a chance the bleeding could be nothing to worry about or a chance it isn’t good news. Hopefully someone else can give some better advice but I  just wanted hou to know I’m thinking of you and I really hope everything is ok xx

  • Thanks everyone. Not getting my hopes up just going to try and get through it and hope for the next cycle. I’ve read you’re more fertile after mc so have to wait and see x

  • Sorry to hear that carebear, I miscarried April 2017 at around 8 weeks and there was no gradual build up for me straight to thick clotted blood and the worst cramps I’ve ever had, so it may not be a mc- fingers crossed you will be ok. 

    I took a test when I got back and BFN followed an hour later by pink blood so I guess I’m out - our bodies are so cruel I’ve intentionally not tested yesterday despite being a day late thinking if I could get to the end of day 30 then surely it’ll be a BFP. I’m gutted really don’t think I’ll ever be a mum at this point. Going to join the October group, hopefully cycle 16 will be more successful for me x 

  • Ttc1 katie do you have the link for October forum? X

  • My AF is due on Oct. 1st....will let everyone know what happens

  • Thanks Katie!

    I could try and convince myself I'm not out but might as well jump into October.

    I had some mild cramping after ov day that I hadn't had before etc so was slightly hopeful this month! Xx

  • So sorry to hear of your bleeding care bear I hope it's nothing xx

  • Carebear, I would talk to/go see your doctor before you assume miscarriage...a different thread around here said sometimes a woman does bleed around the 5 week mark

  • Well I’m CD 24 today and still have no idea what’s going on 😂🙃🙃🙃🙃

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