Implantation bleeding

first things first sorry if it you feel the pic I am putting on here is to much I would just like to know if any one else is experiencing this or if it’s just a urly period so here i go I got brown discharge stringy cm when I wiped on the 29th it is now the 2nd Oct and nothing so. Can some one tell me if they think this is implation bleed plz once again sorry if pic is to much thank you image



  • Ringstar i had exactly the same thing just after my BFP at 10dpo now 13dpo and had nothing yes could be implantation !

  • Ive jus had the same thing happen to me im lost still trying to see whats going on. Is it implantation bleeding or what it only last for 1 day answers 

  • I had brown on the 3rd sep so do u go buy that as a start of period of so then I would be due on to day. But nothing part from the above pic on the 29th witch does all link up to it be a implantation bleed but don’t know less u class start of period being the day I had brown 

  • I panicked when I had it as I get that before my period as well.  Nothing so far...good luck xx

  • Hi Sleepycat, do you normally have this before your period?

  • Yes I thought it was part the period but I’m not sure  also I supose I wouldn’t 

    have something on the 29th and then nothing at when due on to day 

  • Yes I do, hence why I panicked the other day.  Another confusing symptom that could mean pregnancy or AF!

  • I normally get it then red strait after but then I had it on the 29th and It sed it was implantation bleeding as it was only one day and nothinng since 

  • And for how long do you have this before it turns into proper AF? I don't have it on underwear or liner, only when I wipe and even then only if I push the paper up a bit (sorry TMI). So I don't know if this happens even in a month when you are pregnant?

  • The pic I believe is implantation bleed.  

  • ags I was told that the pic above is implantion bleed as I only had it wen I wiped and. Nothing since it’s now the 3rd when I’m due on and ain’t come on 

  • Sleepy cat. Yes I looked it up as I only had it that one day and no ova time and I have had all ova signs. Like bloated  and head akes. Mood swings boobs 

  • I've had something  like that but not alot it's like brownish stringy like so I'm very confused  on if its implantation.. please help thoughs!image I'm cyd 21 took this pregnancy  test 8am and I got a faint positive,  now I'm 7 days before my period  is supposed  to start too...imagecould I be pregnant?? 

  • It looks like jnplatation bleed the best way to know is wait till your late and then test  mika 

  • MikA implantation bleed u

  • Milano can c a faint line did u donthis test the same day as the pic 

  • I ment mIla sorry my phone spells when it wants too 

  • Yes this was the same day took the picture 2 mins after like it said to well it said wait 3mins .

  • Mika. I’m officially. a day late.

    i started brown the 3rd sep I don’t know wether to class that as the start of my period 

    mom so confused but then I had implantion bleed 29th and nothing since.  Congratulations are u gunna test again 

  • Hey Ringstar🙂 took another test this morning  at 8:30am and I got another faint positive  it looks likeimageimage

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