Sorry, new to this. Trying for first baby: anyone want to join in?


I feel a bit bad starting a new thread for this. I tried to search around for new member threads but I got a bit confused #technologicallyilliterate.

My husband and I had a kind of drunken tryst a few weeks ago and in a somewhat "romantic" way (totally subjective), he "proposed" being serious about trying for our first. When we woke up the next morning, we still felt the same way about going for it I am!

Honestly, I'm just looking for friends or a community or people to talk to about it. I don't know how successful we will be but we did have a very surprise/unexpected pregnancy in 2013 that ended in miscarriage after 6 weeks. I know this can be common but the whole experience sort of scarred me. Afterwards, my husband and I implemented every sort of birth control possible to avoid going through something like that indefinitely (mostly for my sake). I also feel like I lost every sort of maternal instinct or desire until this year when I started having really vivid pregnancy dreams. Maybe my biological clock is just ticking (I'm 29) but the dreams started a smoldering in the pit of my stomach and my husband has now...lit the fire so to speak.

I finally feel really ready to have a baby. I used to be adamantly against the thought of it or even talking about it. I don't know what change has come over me but it is significant. My husband and I have been madly in love for 8 wonderful years and it's like my whole body aches for this to become a reality for us. I feel really happy and excited. I've never felt this content or at peace with a major life decision in my life but I suppose if I had to pick a worry it would be finances.

Anyway, I tried reading through the threads and realized...I really don't know what I'm doing and I need an acronym guide or degree in charting or something haha. But I'm off the pill (I know it will take a while to adjust to that) and I've been taking a women's multivitamin every day for the past 10 years and I run 3-5 miles every other day so I guess we'll see where this leads. I hope this works out for us but if not, then I know God has a better plan and at the very least...the sex has been awesome! ;) :D

Thanks for the outlet to kind of get some feelings out and to dream for a bit.

All the best.



  • Haha welcome!!! I'm new here 25, trying for first time properly this month and just getting used to all the acronyms there are so many, too many I'm just assuming I know some I might be way off.

    Come off the multivitamin and go one one specifically for conception, I'm on seven seas trying for a baby it's cheap from savers (the store)

    It has the correct amounts as sometimes usual multivitamins have too much of certain things that you should avoid during pregnancy etc 

    I'm on my period at the moment but obviously after Sunday the serious hard graft for baby mum we 1 will commence 

  • That is very kind and helpful advice! Seven seas... It's on my list! 

  • Just realised how badly wrote this was..B6 and folic acid are musts! Don't exceed any daily recommended doses xx

  • Hi all

    My first time trying too. I’m slightly older than you guys as my hubby took some persuading. I’m 38 and fully aware it may not be easy, we’re on month/cycle number 2, and I’ve just started (in last hour) my AF (period). Disappointed, oh yeah. 

    Ive been around chatting on some other posts so it’s nice to be with some first timers too. :-)

    I had a termination at 17 and never really forgave myself. I know it was for the best then but I’ve always wanted a baby so it stings a tad.

    Good advice on the folic acids, I’m just taking pregnacare ‘trying to conceive‘ which seems to contain needed vitamins too. Also off alcohol and caffeine- signed up for sober October as a cover! 

    Good luck all and sending baby dust! :-)


  • Oh wow excellent welcome!!! I have had 2 terminations in the last 4 year's, I don't like to speak about it and it was the right choice but I always knew I wanted to be a mum. Don't feel bad.

    How are you guys tracking ovulation? I'm going to be coming off my period on Sunday and think I will ovulate next Sunday but just going off an app (Clue)and not really become aware of my symptoms. I also have some cheapo eBay testing sticks so will be using them this month.


  • Welcome dbubbs! My story is similar to yours. I've been with my hubby for almost 8 years, we've been friends for 11+ years. We finally decided to throw away the BC (birth control) in April, and I got pregnant right away. Unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage in June. I think the good that came out of it was that we both realized how ready we were to be parents and how badly we want it.

    Still trying for a sticky little bean. This is my first month doing OPKs (clearblue digital). I also track my dates using Flo and Ovia. I like using 2, so that I can see the similarities and differences between the two predictions.

    I've been taking folic acid for the past 2 years. I was taking materna when I was pregnant, but stopped after the miscarriage– it makes me sick. I think my best advise is: take your vitamins, eat as healthy as possible, drink lots of water, try to avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarettes (etc.) and have fun dtd (doing the dance/deed–sex). Try not to obsess over every symptom you have, don't test until you've missed your period (otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of money) and try not to stress.

    Good luck! Sending you baby dust :)

  • I’ve obsessed over symptoms this month. Heart broken When I come on last night. 

    But fighting through (obviously the period aches and pains and angst aren’t helping lol) and will be back in October.

    Last month I used ovulation tests for a couple of days, tying that in with the app to track worked so I’m hoping just to rely on app soon.

    Good luck all! Xx

  • Hi All,

    I am also trying. I am now 36 and stopped Contraceptive pill beginning of 2017. I have had 2 miscarriages at 7 1/2 and 5 1/2 weeks.

    I have just started using the clear blue Fertility monitor as it was recommended to me and I am interested to see how that works out this month hoping it will help clarify where my peak ovulation date is.

  • Hello, I'm currently trying for a baby I wrote a threat post today about my issues and worries.

    I'm currently taking well woman max is this ok or is it best to be on a trying to conceive multi vitamin?

    Thanks in advance x

  • Try a conception multivitamin there are many on the market but I am using seven seas trying for a baby seems to be popular and had good reviews x

  • image hi anyone came across thisbefthis? Positive test line no control line.

  • That is really strange I'd class it as invalid and then wait and take another, possibly another brand? Such as firstresponse, clearblue.

  • So I took this test this morning the line is faint still but darker than the one the other day I pregnant?!?image

  • You are definitely pregnant!!!!! Congratsssss x

  • If you get a line, even a faint one you are pregnant they just advise you test again in a few days but it's expected to get a faint line early in pregnancy when hcg levels aren't as high.

  • Hiya can some one help me please:) im late by 2 days so I have took a test but is a very very light second line I'm saying negative but every one else saying positive I'm going crazy here thank you :) 

  • Hi everyone ! I’ve taken thred different test , three different days. They are faint and I did test early. Could I be pregnant?image

  • Hi all, great thread - looking forward to sharing our experiences. I’m 35 and we have just started trying (first cycle). Still learning the acronnyms. Had a negative test yesterday and AF is due on Monday. Some light spotting today so I’m thinking this month hasnt been successful. So hard not to ‘symptom spot’ while waiting!! Will see what happens I guess!

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