How I finally got my BFP

Hello lovely ladies, just wanted to put a little post on here as I know exactly how your all feeling right now and I wanted to let you know how I got my BFP! 

So myself and hubby were trying for a while and my anxieties hit the roof evetytime my period came. So this month I did things differently .....

Firstly, due to my eratic cycle, I took Soya Isoflavones (they are a natural version of Clomid to help you ovulate stronger- and on time if you are irregular). You can get these online or at Holland and Barrett. I took mine on day 3-7 of my cycle. 100mg for day 3 4 and 5, And 150mg for day 6 and 7. I ovulated on day 15. So these I would highly recommend to anybody, they really do work and they are 100% safe with a very high success rate.

I then began to relax- now I know what your all thinking  "oh just someone else telling me to relax", believe me I know the feeling, its the hardest thing in the world! But this is my first month of going with the flow and having sex every 2-3 days through out the cycle. 

After ovulation... I ate pineapple everyday for 5 days (it contains bromine to help the egg stick) And Brazil nuts for 7 days afterwards.

That's all I did! And for reassurance.... I have had practically no symtoms at all apart from ever so slightly twingy boobs. 

I hope this has helped and sticky baby dust to you all!! Xxx


  • Congratulations on yur BFP ❤ 

    This is my 3rd cycle on soy isoflavones they do make u ovulate stronger but am still waiting for my BFP really hoping and praying this is my month. Been trying for nearly 6 years it's hard to relax now every month is getting harder. Few of my close friends r on there second and 3rd pregnancy. I feel so embarrassed even talking about it now it's such a lonely experience 😢😢

  • We've spotted you on the forum Jlisa over the past few months, so we are so pleased to see you got your BFP! Congratulations! We have a lovely Due in June 2019 birth club, right this way if you fancy checking it out...

  • Hi miracle baby! Aw please don't feel embarrest it really is such a hard time and hard thing to go through. No one will ever understand unless they are in the same position. I'm sorry to hear your on your fourth year, have you been to the doctors? There is alot they can do for you. They will send you for tests and get to the bottom of it. I was due to have a scan on Thursday for polycystic ovaries, the first of many tests they can do to help you. I have everything so tightly crossed for you. Xxxxx 

  • Thank you very much danielle! Il have a look at that group x 

  • Jlisa sorry 4 ranting b4. it's been nearly 6 years yes I have been to hospital 2 years ago everything was clear only answer I got was unexplained infertility didn't really get much help thinking about going again by the end of the year. Want to get hsg scan done see if theres any problem. Thank u so much for understanding xx 

    Am really happy for u tho. Good luck with everything and wishing u happy, healthy 9 months ahead 🙏❤

  • Congratulations on your BFP! I know you posted a while back but just come across your post.

    I was wondering if you could send me a link for these and also can you take them alongside pregnacare? Thanks in advance

  • Hi Joanne :) thank you very much. Yep here is the link. I took them alongside pregnacare and was fine x good luck!! isoflavones

  • None of the links above seem to be working for some reason xx

  • imageis this the right one? X

  • Sorry about that! Yes those are the ones I bought xx

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