Ovulation Test Strips - Part 14



  • Emj about bloody time!! Congrats hun she’s stunning xxx
  • Haha @Claloub you’re sooo right, it feels like it’s been forever!!

    @MMA, these are definitely very precious babies!! 🌈 💖💙💖

    it just feels amazing to hold her and I can’t stop staring! Still in hospital but should be going home tomorrow.🤞🏻🤞🏻Xxx
  •  congratulations emj xx So happy for you xx
  • Congrats mrs fish! Only just saw your post xxx
  • Awww congratulations emj she's beautiful 💕💕💕💕💕💖💖
  • Mrs fish congratulations 🙏🙏🙏
  • Mma beautiful pictures💕💕💕
  • Lucy gorgeous piks 💕💕💕
  • @EmJ3 massive congratulations on the birth of Matilda, it is a beautiful name (I had it right up there on my list) and she is a gorgeous little lady. 

    Enjoy every second with her, our rainbow babies are so precious xxx 
  • Feeling rubbish today. One of my due dates today. Feeling like it won’t happen now 😢
  • Stay strong Louise took us 2 years & 1 month was awful but we never gave up !! 👊🏻💪🏻 My last D&C completely messed my conceiving up cycles perfect ovulated perfect AF as normal but defo did something internally that wasn’t noticeable I know it kinked my remaining Fallopian tube now so how this miracle happened I don’t know but she’s here and I’m proof it can  
    thinking of you 😘😘😘
    big hugs 🤗 
  • Thanks MMA xx Having a down day but like you say you have to keep trying. Think I'll try the more expensive ovulation kits again. Tempted by the offer on the purple clearblue at boots but as I reckon my oestrogen levels may be a bit affected by my age I think I may just go for the pink clearblue ones.
  • Massive hugs to you Louise, it is such a tough journey!! 
    I had a B12 deficiency, and have also heard others have fallen after getting treatment for a B12 deficiency, so maybe ask to get yours tested 🤷‍♀️

    Anyhow keep you faith, and maybe take a break for a month or 2, relax and have a weekend break or something then start again?  TTC is defo a real rollercoaster for some of us xxx 

  • Thankyou Mrs fish xx Not heard about the b12 thing. I’ll have to look into it xx
  • I hadn't heard either, I thought I was perimenopausal, good luck xx
  • Are there any symptoms?
  • Who you know what dosage is recommended for fertility mrs fish? 
  • I've bought some b12 tablets off Amazon and decided to go for the clearblue advanced as they were on offer. Anything is worth a try . 
  • Stay positive @Louise 111. I felt exactly the same this time last year and now I have my baby! It will happen but I know it’s frustrating and upsetting. Don’t give up if it’s what you really want.xxxx
  • Thankyou emj xx
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