Ovulation Test Strips - Part 14

Hello everyone, 

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  • Thank you! 

    hi everyone, I posted on the other thread before it closed but no response yet. my opks have never let me down. Normally the day after a positive, my temp goes up. This month, I got a positive at least 3 days earlier than normal for me (12 days) but when I checked my temp it’s still low. Is it possible I just haven’t ovulated yet?

    Ive included a pic of my very visibly positive opk. 


    Thanks for the help! 

  • well as you say deedee those are definitely positive... but your temps are supposed to be a more accurate way of telling When you ovulate so I would say go by that... but if it were me I would be DTD now just Incase the OPK is right!

  • Hello SW2, 

    we definitely got busy yesterday when I first discovered the positive opk. And I’m following smep this month so I plan to, today and tomorrow as well. I’m just hoping this isn’t a fluke. 

    thanks for replying :) 

  • Just keep testing deedee along with temping sometimes temps won’t rise until after your egg releases mine alway went up 1-2 days after a positive:)

    get busy and good luck 😉 

  • Wow another thread,we have been busy ladies😀well my af has stopped so bk to having fun.good luck ladies 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • CD 4 for me today so just waiting for the fun to commence again. My period is so strange since the miscarriage. I used to be 5 days but now I’m more like 2.5 with a bit of spotting afterwards. I hope that isn’t a bad sign. Feeling more optimistic again now so fingers crossed for this month xx

  • I've not had a MC but my period is short, 3 days usually. So i would assume it is fairly normal. Also I'm also on CD3 X

  • We have been busy ladies!!! Fingers crossed there are some bfp this month!

    deedee, it sounds like you’re covering it regardless! It’s hard to work out though isn’t it.


  • Just had a call from the doctors to say my eatrogen test apparently should have been before 10am! Thanks for telling me... my teats were at 1345! So I have to go back tomorrow at 8:30. That’s day 5 for me and they had said they should be done between days 1 and 5 so hopefully is fine. Not sure it matters that AF only lasts 3 days... hey ho! x 

  • Fingers crossed it’s all in time razor.xxx

  • Thanks ladies!! I’ve been really negative about this whole thing in the past. I’m choosing positivity this month so let’s see if that changes anything ahaha 

  • A more positive, laid back approach seems to work for others deedee so fingers crossed for you.xxx

  • Well my chances are shot this month. My husband and I got into an argument tonight and now we can’t dtd. I feel like he just doesn’t understand how much effort and planning goes into trying to conceive, from peeing on sticks throughout the day, to taking temp every morning, jotting down evry sumptom in apps trying to determine when the best Tim is to dtd. On top of that trying to keep the mood light and fun for the act to be more enjoyable for both of us. It’s taking a toll on me and I had a complete break down. 

    I have not been able to stop crying since our session was cancelled tonight. 

  • Awwww deedee. They don’t seem to get it. It takes the fun out of it for them and in the mean time we’re trying to be Wonder Woman aren’t we!!! It really is stressful for a woman when ttc. I’ve said it before on here, that after I lost my baby, I went a bit psycho (just grief and being desperate to be pregnant again) about Ttc every month and it wasn’t doing either of us any good. I just don’t think men understand the stress.

    Sending you big hugs.xxx

  • Sometimes it's like that. Out of 5 months of trying i think we've hit the right dates twice. The 3 other months we most certsinly stopped too early as soon as i got a posotove okp we'd manage that day the no more. It is so frustrating but i have to say it's harder for a bloke to just perform on a dictated timetable. We can pretty much go whenever. I know full well my husband doesn't get how much effort goes in. Like his sister is staying next week for a night and it's one of the days that we need to dtd. It's frustrating because i see this as a priority but i think blokes have a more 'it'll happen when it happens ' approach. Don't stress too much. Maybe a break this month would help? Alternatively go and dtd tonight and you may be in luck! X

  • Good morning ladies, thank you for the support. i fully understand how hard it is for men, i just feel we have to work so much harder. My temperature rose this morning so I’m definitely out for the month but I think I’ll stop putting in so much effort for the next month as well at least and see how it is! 

  • Emj3, I’m so sorry about your loss, I can even imagine how you feel! Hugs to you xoxo

  • Deedee I so understand what you're saying. I've often cried and cried when we haven't dtd at the right time. What annoys me is that they're happy to do it any other time of the month . They say they are stressed but our stress is ten times theirs.  Remember we are always here and we understand what it's like so always come and vent to us. When was the last time you DTD? As you may be okay anyway . Try tonight too as even if you ovulated yesterday the egg can live for up to 24 hours.

  • Hello Louise, you’re definitely right. They are stressed but we’re 20 times more stressed with all the things we have to do. We have to perform as well. They say chances of conceiving is higher if the woman has an orgasm and that takes a whole lot of concentration and relaxation on our part to achieve. We dtd on Monday night On the first sign of a positive opk. i definitely ovulated tueaday (yesterday) because my temperature went up this morning. I’m just not sure its worth dtd tonight. If it’ll do anything I mean. 

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