Taken 8 tests...almost all have faint positive??

I've taken  way more test than most I know. Idk if I missed my period,i was due to start and it was very dark discharge..so I bought a 2pack rexall test. Which is the first 2 purple ones (long ones) I took them a few days after I has the dark brown stuff. Then I started bleeding light and had stringy lil clots in it (lasted about 2 days on and off). These tests were done ...the little purple one I did yesterday. Got a $1 test today and was neg.  I'm so lost  ?😦😔


  • imagethese are the test I've taken

  • Hi, It looks like a positive to me, and the bleeding could be implantation bleeding. Blue dye tests sometimes have evap lines, I would try and buy a pink dye test like First Response. Try doing a test tomorrow and see if the line gets darker, and try one the day after to see if it gets darker also, and then go to a doctor and order a blood test. Congrats if you are! 

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