TMI and Pics - sorry in advance! Does this look like implantation spotting?

Hi All

So I am due af in 6 days, I have quite long cycles and ov about 12 days ago.

After a few days of having dull lower back ache, I have just wiped after a wee and have some spotting, does this look like implantation spotting? I have never been early for af so I can't believe she would be here already!image


  • If you are tracking ovulation regularly how many days normally between ovulation and af? 18 days leutal phase would be quite long. If you ovulated earlier than normal your period will be earlier.

    Hard to tell unfortunately and even a doctor couldn't tell you if it is implantation. Just see if it gets heavier like your period or if it stops. 

    If it doesn't become like your period you will need to wait three or four days usually after it stops before your levels will be high enough to test positive if you are pregnant.

    Good luck

  • Thank you!

    I know I normally have a really long cycle, I don't track ov as I started to get obsessed (been trying for years) so I just go by what the app says

    Thank you! I am praying this is the month

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