Advice please! Light pink spotting day AF due, now 1 day late and nothing?

So I’m currently on CD29 which is going into the longest cycle I’ve had, AF usually comes anywhere between CD25-28 and I have never been late. I’m always early or on time. Even after my early MC my cycle was relatively back to normal immediately. 

Last night I had some pink discharge when I wiped that was so so pale and mixed with CM, wore a pad all night and got up this morning to nothing on the pad and when I wiped its pretty clear. I know it could just be AF making her appearance but just wondered if anyone had experienced this? xx


  • You should take a test if your late. Could be implantation bleeding. 

  • Could be, think I’m going to wait as long as possible, maybe a few more days incase AF does show her face and then if it was implantation bleeding I should hopefully get a nice line on a HPT!

  • Yes that’s sensible. I had implantation bleeding with my son and it was sort of a brown discharge/ bit of spotting for a week or so after BFP. Good luck! 

  • Thank you! Hoping this is my month, but if not can just try again xx

  • Mines 10 days early this month. I had 3 days on soya isoflavones and it's proper messed up my normal cycle xxx

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