Am I pregnant ??

Hiya, can anyone kindly help? 

I have been off the pill since the beginning of this year. 

my periods are regular and always come on time. 

However last month I was just over a week late and only bled for 2 days and was only brown blood. 

i am a week and 4 days late. I have taken a home made pregnancy test but came back negative. 

I haven’t had no period signs but i am suffering with sore And sensitive nipples and my breasts feel heavy. Suffering with headaches and always tired and cannot stop Weein!! 

Has anyone experienced the same as me and not been pregnant or might I be pregnant or am I over thinking everything!? Would honestly appreciate your advice and what you think. 

Many thanks 

em x


  • If test is still negative you're probably not pregnant if you were testing after AF was due. Try first response test to confirm that. Maybe you didn't ovulate this month so there is no blood or very little

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