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November 2018 TTC

I decided to make this thread if only to help me keep track of my charting and tww symptoms. This is my 7th month of ttc anybody who wants to hop on and join this thread is welcome. I will be posting daily regardless :)



  • Took a test today and BFN I've been spotting hoping af hurries up and just comes so I can start next cycle officially today I'm 14DPO and I'm waiting for af to officially arrive.

  • Hi Tryingforababy2019 I’m 32yrs and TTC my first, I‘m on CD 2. I have also just started to take Seven Seas conception pills (hopefully they don’t mess up my cycle) and I have just brought CB ovulation tests.

    I’m eating healthy and exercising every other day hopefully this is my month.

    ive been TTC for 5 months.

    i will keep you posted, and you are not out yet as your AF has not arrived, good luck 😉 

  • Hi this is my first month actively trying I have also just started taking seven seas trying to conceive tablets! Fingers crossed x

  • Welcome to the thread Neeka and Holm21! Do either of you use opks?? Neeka I use a similar prenatal called conception by eu natural so far it's really helped with my cm and I've heard good things about 7 seas! I hope you both get your bfp this month! :)

    15DPO today for me my chest isn't sore anymore really just around nips and my temp this morning was 97.7°F. I don't have spotting when I wipe but it's very pale pink when I check cervix. It's very dry until cervix then very ewcm like at cervix but it's got that pink tint. I didn't bother testing again today because of this spotting it's been like this since 12dpo now I just wish it would become af if it's going to come.

  • Well back to CD 1 af started around noon luckily before I had to go to work! I might try drinking herbal tea this month and I'm going to start temping again! 

  • thankyou no I’ve not used opks, just taking SS I’m hoping for a bfp this month but not sure it will happen this quick, when are people due to test? X

  • The best time to test is when you miss your period or 14DPO BUT it's POSSIBLE to get a positive as early as 10DPO :) I hope you get your bfp!

  • Hi ladies,

    I would love to join in! I'm 31 and have been actively trying for two cycles. We have 3 children ages 12, 9 and 4. I struggled to get pregnant with our 4 year old. We tried for about a year for her, but I had very irregular periods, was overweight and just never had energy. I'm in a much healthier place now, have lost over 40 pounds, I'm active and after starting pink stork fertility tea and pill, I have a 26 day cycle and can finally pinpoint ovulation!

    I'm currently at 1dpo and the two is always brutal for me. Lol but being able to join in with other in the same position helps me so much!

  • Hi ladies

    it is actually me Neeka, but I couldnt remember the Passwords to my account or the email account password lol, so I have a new account.

    I mentioned before that I have started to take seven seas conception pill. To my surprise I do not feel sick at all, as I usually cannot stomach pills and I throw up. I tried taking pregnacare, after 2 days I was throwing up Lol.

    @mrsyako sounds like your in a better place health wise, hopefully this will be our month.

    ill be honest in my early twenties I had three abortions due to carelessness but moreover my body rejecting the pill. again when I was 29 I fell pregnant, I was in my last year of uni, in student accommodation and we both had zero funds and my morning/all day sickness started  within a couple of weeks, the timing could not of been worst. i had another abortion I felt so so sad and guilty and I still do. I’m new to this app but  I have read threads dated in the year 2015 and I feel so guilty knowing I was pregnant then. 

    Were both in such a good place now, we have good jobs and we’re in the process of buying a house. 

    i know it’s the guilt and the worry to why i am spilling my life story but I just needed to share. please don’t judge.

  • Neeka/Hopefully I'm proud of you for making those tough decisions and sticking with your plans and waiting until you were in a good place you can't change the past and now you can give your baby the best life it deserves without giving up on school and opportunities that helped you and your partner get this far. 

  • @ Neeka/Hopefully...that takes a lot to talk about the hardships in your past. But I admire you for speaking the truth. 

    Hopefully this will all be our month. I am now at 2dpo...where are you in your cycle. 

    Does anyone just completely have doubt every month? My husband says I need to be more positive, but I just feel like they dont understand the true let down. 

  • Thank you for your reassurance ladies, that means so much to me thank You. 

    I am on CD 3 now, my cycles are between 27 - 29 days, and yes I have doubts every month I feel that if I’m to positive the let down is harder to get over.

    To be honest my emotions are all over the place around the time my AF is due, but I think that’s normal in our positions lol.

  • Hi Ladies, 

    Hoping I can join x 

    October was our first month TTC (my second, I have an 8 year old boy from previous marriage and my husband's first biological) 

    Came off the pill at the end of Sept. 

    Used OPK's and CB Digital this month and ovulated on CD17, tested 10DPO and this morning 11DPO and both negative. I think I'm coming on my period today. Had a small spot of blood yesterday, not even a centremetre and when I woke the smallest amount today, however only when I woke.  Just waiting for AF now as I think I'm out this month. 

  • Welcome to the thread Emma!

    CD3 for me today I just can't wait to get on trying again! It feels like the days drag up till o.

  • Hi Ladies!

    Today I'm at 3-4 dpo.  Having lots of cramping today and tenderness in my right boob near the armpit. Other than that, nothing else really going on.  

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  • So I'm still waiting for AF, have only the slightest tinge when I wipe and not each time I go bathroom either, this had been happening since Saturday, and nothing further. 

  • hi all. Af is due for me today so I think I’ll be hopping over to this threat from the October one as I don’t think I’ll be getting a bfp this month xx 

  • CD4 today and af is only there when I wipe now I can't wait to start trying again! Going to a Halloween party Wednesday and hopefully going to just not worry about anything and have fun it would be too early for o then anyway! 

  • CD5 AF finished yesterday on CD4. Going to start SMEP again on Friday. I can't wait to get back to business! Been temping everyday in the morning so far too!

  • Today I'm on CD 26 about 6-7 dpo. I have been having an immense achy pain near my right ovary spreading to my pubic bone and back. Thinking I have a possible cyst...but was positive I ovulated from the left ovary. Hoping that the pain diffuses soon. Not really having any other symptoms other than feeling tired. 

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