SMEP and confused....HELP, warning tmi

Hi there thought i would start a new thread as am so confused by SMEP and my body and could really do with some advise. 

Bit of background I had a mmc in August a SMM. Since have been ttc rainbow but nothing yet. This month am trying SMEP but am worried i have messed up and I am so close to ovulation. DH and I started BD on day CD7, then CD10, CD12, CD14 but DH was in the mood on CD15 so we BD again and then yesterday (CD16) got an almost positive OPK and didn't want to miss the "3 day straight" so we BD again last night. 

So we have already BD 3 nights straight but also on CD 15 and 16 I had EWCM (was worried it was leftovers but research points more to EWCM).not testing OPK again until later on today but kind of hope it's negative and yesterday was my positive.

BUT...if today is a true positive that means we should start the 3 day straight tonight which would mean 6 days BD in a row and worried we would have exhausted my DH little swimmers image as the plan says have a day gap until +OPK. So worried and confused as was also going on EWCM and as DH was up for it more (he doesn't usually instigate) thought nature was sending him signals? 

Plus the clocks went back last night and so my BBT is a bit off today it shows a massive dip and hope it is back on track tomorrow. 

Sorry it's so long winded but could just do with any advice as I'm going insane and don't want to miss a chance as the miscarriage hit us hard and we are craving to be having a baby each month is getting more upsetting. 

Thank you baby dust to all of us xxxx



  • Hi hunni didn't want to read and run, first im really sorry about your mmc, don't know too much on the plan your talking about but I wouldn't worry too much as stress is no good (easy to say not easy to do I know) you have dtd around ovulation and the swimmers can last upto 5 days so try your best to relax and good luck sorry not much help xxx

  • Thank you for your reply it does help. We have BD 6 days in a row tonight was last on 3 day straight from positive OPK. Thank God me and DH r shattered and sore lol. Poor DH struggled day 5 and 6 what a trooper. 

    If it does notbwork this month will definitely not deviate from plan that way it would only be a max 4 days in a row.

    Days off tomorrow and then 1 final dance. Then the dreaded 2ww. 

    How far r u on it cycle, do u have any children or are u trying for baby #1. 

    Thanks. Baby dust as always xx 

  • Hi hunni I have one child who will be four in December, I started trying for number 2 in May time but partner not here for this cycle so on a break so not sure exact day but due to ovulate any day now I'm 38 so if not worked next month going to see GP 

    Good luck with the dreaded 2ww hunni hope it does quick for you and u get your BFP 🤞🤞 xxx

  • Hey 👋! I had the same problem this cycle. We Tried SMEP but this was the first time I’d tried opk and I never got a positive! My cycle has been different to before my miscarriage but has always been between 24-27 days. Anyway, during my app predicted fertile window we ended up dtd every day for 4 days, then had 1 day off and then dtd another 3 days in a row. but like I say never actually had a +opk so who knows!!! What day are you due af? 

  • Think I'm due 2 weeks on Sunday xxx

  • I'm due in 11th  my app has given me a 30 day cycle from last month but I vary from 29 to 31 ish. Last 3 cycles had my positive OPK on CD 17 so hoping I'm regular enough. 

    This is our first time doing SMEP and looking back at last month even though we dtd 5 days in a row from CD14  i think we stopped a bit too soon according to SMEP as only dtd 2 days and then not the final try. Also last month I had 2 days of +OPK so don't know if I should have dtd 3 days from second positive ......who knows or maybe just didnt have any swimmers ready. 

    Currently CD 20 app have confirmed ovulation from my BBT and feeling a bit irritable today image and was totally not up for BD last night lol so think nature's window had closed by how I was feeling lol. 

    Going to try and relax as much as I can for the 2ww but am my own worst enemy for being negative and hopless one minute to teasing myself that this is our month the next image.

    Good luck missymoo hope this is it month and tryingfornumber2 hope u catch the eggy after it break X x 

    Baby dust to us all xxx it's really good to chat I feel I chat to my DH too much and it just brings us both down so good to have others who know what it is like xxx 

  • Deffo agree with you there lunababy!! It’s so good to have you guys to chat too! Boys just don’t get it! Plus my o.h works away monday to fri so I tend to do my own head in 🙈🙈!! 

  • Hello all,

    So Cd24 and BBT a bit dipped this morning but still higher than before O. 1 week into the 2WW and already going insane. Every twinge, bloat, tingle, fart I think oooohhhhh could that be someone burrowing in? But then I feel absolutely normal and all dreams very swiftly dashed. I even thought I saw a tiny patch of pink on some tissue yesterday on the toilet but when I wiped again nothing so think my eyes were playing tricks in me image.

    It also seems pregnancy and babies are everywhere again. Went out with my best friend the other day and she is 8 month gone and it's just so hard and exhausting to hold everything back and be 'normal' when it dying inside holding back the tears and trying to ignore everyone else cooing and banging in about baby stuff to her. And then u feel like a shit friend even though I know she knows and I know she feels bad too. 

    How are things going with everyone else? 

    Really hoping it's all of our months this month🤞xxx 

  • Hey Luna! Bless you, you aren’t a bad friend at all! It’s totally ok to feel like that! Only one more week and then hopefully you will know, and have your BFP!!! I’m now two days late, but tested this morning and bfn!! So my body is just being cruel and prolonging everything! I have zero symptoms I don’t even feel like af is on her way! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Gonna keep myself super busy over the next week with some decorating! Baby dust to you all xx

  • Hi missymoo, maybe there is still a chance I didn't feel pregers at all with my son and only took a test cause it was going out of date and with the baby I lost again no symptoms and had BFN and then 3 days later BFP. Good idea to keep super busy though. Think I might plunge myself into planning christmas and hopefully AF will stay away and I'll get  BFP.🤞🙏  

    Got this week off work so gonna do some soul building for me I think I need it. Xxxx

  • Yeah, I know you are right. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much!! I was 4 days late when I got a bfp with the baby I lost, and hadnt tested before that so I don’t know if it would have been neg before that! All I can do is wait and see what happens! When you got your bfn before the bfp were you already late for af? Oh lovely! Soul building sounds amazing!! How old is your son? xxx

  • I got BFN day before AF was due then BFP 3 days late. 

    Went shopping today but OMG so many pregnant women stroking their bellys and I swear this new born was following me with it's new new cry. I came home early think online shopping is best for me at the moment just so depressing image 

    He is 3yrs 8months and is the funniest person I know. I really want to give him a baby brother or sister he would be an amazing big brother 🤞🙏 xxx 

    Keeping everything crossed for you xxx 

    Baby dust to us all x x 

  • I know what you mean! There are literally babies everywhere!!! I went into a charity shop today with my mum and there was a baby gro in there which had anchors and boats on. (I’m Obsessed with anchors) and my mum bought it “just incase my brother and his girlfriend gets pregnant” 😭😭 little does she know that they already are! If I hadn’t lost mine I’d be almost 8 months and my life would be so different! 

    Hopefully this time next week you will find out that you get to give him a little brother or sister! Keeping everything crossed for you! I tested again today and it was a solid no! I wonder if I just didn’t ovulate this month! I’ve only ever had one late period before and it was because I was preggo 😕! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ xx 

  • Oh gosh how hard, every month goes by and I think I would have been so many months by now and it just rips you apart. 

    Do you BBT chart, I do so I know for sure that I did ovulate as when I didn't chart I was obsessed and worried that I haddnt! It's nice to see the temp spike so you know your egg has been released and then just hope and pray some swimmers made it! 

    If your usually pretty regular then even if u didn't ovulate AF would still come along as we don't O every month anyway according to some sites I have read. Some say if you don't O your AF could be earlier, later, lighter or heavy which when i read I found totally unhelpful as isn't that definitely going to be one option! 🤦‍♀️

    I know stress can make you late but I also know what it's like for people to say "just relax, it will happen, your making it worse" 😡so I won't be saying that to you! Maybe test in another day or so (if u have some tests, so expensive and addictive). 

    Keeping things crossed would be fab if we both catch it this month! Xxx x Baby dust Xxx x 

  • Oh luna, I know the feeling. We now have an online order and pick up at the market and I am highly contemplating that, but I don't want to go into a spiral of depression after isolating myself from human beings. The worst is when you drop of your child in school, you see all the ladies, strollers and pregnant ones, and all you can think of is, why not me. I swear I knew a lady right through her pregnancy and now the child must be almost 8 months old, it is so hard ! 

    Also, I can't remember my 1st pregnancy symptoms, as we got pregnant right away and I wasn't monitoring anything. Did anyone have dull cramps leading upto a positive test.

  • I did, I had cramps as though af was going to start, but never did. Well until I miscarried 3 months later! That’s the only time I’ve been pregnant so I’d say it’s a good sign! 

    Luna, I haven’t bbt charted. I did try opk this month but stopped doing them when my grandad passed. So I’m gonna guess that’s also the reason that I’ve not got af! Cos she’s always bang on time and there isn’t even like a hint of a line! It couldn’t be more negative 😂🙈! Will try bbt next cycle I think! At least then I’ll know! But yes wouldn’t it be amazing if we both got our bfp this time round!! We can only keep our fingers crossed!! Haha I totally agree with you on the “hey just relax, don’t stress” front 😂🙈!! Wish it was that easy! 

  • Annie cramps can be a good sign of the egg burrowing I think! Good luck xx

    Missymoo so sorry to hear about your grandad, my grandad also past away a couple of months ago. I lost my nan in February this year also so it's not been a Good year so far with losses but hoping there is still time to end this year with some good news 🤞🙏

    Baby dust yo us all xxx x 

  • Hey girls, how are you all getting on? how many days post ov are you? 

  • Hi on 12dpo on CD29. I would usually expect my period any day from today. Last month AF came on CD30 but I fluctuate between 28 and 32 days. I havnt done a HPT as last month i did 2 early ones and was so upset when they were negative I promised myself I wouldn't do one early again. 

    Only problem is now I'm here I am driving myself insane. Had such a low day yesterday spent all day basically crying. Just want this so much but am so worried I'm out. 

    My app is suggesting to take a test Sunday but I'm getting so impatient and down 😫

  • CD30, Thursday and Friday last week I spent most of the day crying and feeling so unbelievably low and wondering if I will ever get my rainbow. Today I awoke to my BBT dropping way down and below the coverline and just burst into tears. So I am expecting AF any time now, FF says to do a test to.orrow if I don't have AF but what's the point with a temp drop like that? 

    Any thoughts anyone I'm so down and can just feel the pain in my heart so much.image

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