Could this be have been implantation bleeding?

Hello everyone. My husband and myself have been trying to get pregnant for the last 13 years. We've gone through 3 cycles of invetro with no success, so decided to look into foster care. We've been blessed with 5 adopted beautiful children through foster care.

Although we have our 5 already are still wanting to have our own little own to hold and cherish. I've been feeling a little different this month and am thinking I experienced ovulation pains (which never had before) a big one with my breasts hurting.

About a week before my period I believe I had implanation bleeding. It was light pink with brown and was never enough to fill a tampon for a day and half. But a couple days later the bleeding came back and was light pink again.

My question is could this be implantation bleeding or something else? I had strong cramps around ovulation time but none since. My breasts have also stopped hurting. Is it to early to have any other symptoms? We believe that God has a time and place for everything and are praying hard this is our time for a little. 

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