tww 5dpo anyone wanna join me!


Been trying to get pregnant for around year i had a miscarriage in April 2017. This was the first month i got a positive ovulation test i ovulated last Thursday I've been measuring my bbt which shot up after my positive test and today has dropped down a little. I'm on 5 dpo  now and the last few days i've been having twinges in my stomach pains in the lower part of my back stabbing pains in my lady garden lol and boobs have been sore. i'm probably just over thinking got my fingers crossed this month.

Anyone else in the same situation?



  • Sorry for your loss. I'm not sure how many days past ovulation I am but I am on cd 25. Af due in 4-8 days. Cycles are off since mc in June. 

    As of today, I have headaches, extremely moody, breast hurt but not to the touch, have to pee a lot more, and so tired lately.

  • Thanks for your reply, Sorry for your loss too you don't realize how common they are until you have one.

    I'm on cd 21 af isnt due for another 7 days. When will you start testing?

    I'm getting so many little twinges and back aches which i hardly have until really close to my as and also having pains in my breasts but not too the touch also.

    Hopefully we are both lucky this month.

  • I will probably wait at least 4 more days before I test. With my mc I was 6 days late before I got a positive and even then it was faint. I try not to test to early because I know I won't get a positive till I am late.

  • Sorry for your losses ladies image I am currently 5 DPO myself and am having the same twinges (but more like a strange pressure) in my stomach, a dull ache in my lower back and annoying cold symptoms (likely unrelated). I am hoping this the month for all of us ♥

  • Cold symptoms can be an early sign. I never had them but some women do. My biggest thing right now are mood sings and having to use the bathroom a lot. Like ever hour to hour and a half. And I'm not drinking a lot.

  • Sounds promising!! I have been peeing every hour BUT that's because I am CHUGGING water, thanks to this annoying cold lol. And I hope the cold is a good sign because it is currently kicking my butt.

  • I don't remember having to go this much with my little girl or with my mc.

  • I'm going to try and wait to test until this Sunday and maybe get a first response I got a positive a week before my missed period with my mc. 

    JocelyneLarock95 it's nice to have someone else In  the same boat I'm also getting cold symptoms stuffy nose and a cough and peeing alot but also been drinking alot. Trying not to think too much about all the symptoms but it's so hard.

    Let's hope it's our month !!!

  • Fingers crossed for all of us!

  • Goodmorning ladies ♡ How have your temps been? Mine was 98.9 yesterday(5dpo) and dramatically dropped to 97.9 today(6dpo). Also woke up with mild af like cramps, an almost burning feeling in my abs, backache has persisted and my cold is almost completely gone out of nowhere. I am trying so hard to be levelheaded and not get too excited, but it's so hard lol.

  • I don't temp. I haven't been sleeping good so up way early. I do have a lower backache this morning. Also when I first started to get up this morning my lower stomach was sore like, I worked out yesterday which I did not do. Lol. It seem fine now though. Nothing else new as of yet. Still getting headaches everyday. And tired. Was asleep before 9 last night.

  • Good morning ladies! How are things going?

  • Morning girls,

    Still having light tummy pains and back ache, temps have been 97.39(dpo) and 97.52 (6dpo) just hope they stay high now. Been doing ovulation test because apparently they can detect pregnancy and they have started to get a bit darker. Also sleeping really well and early. Trying not to get my hopes up always expecting the worse.

  • You think you might of had a implantation dip  JocelyneLarock95 ? 

  • Today is Cd27- can't sleep. Had wired dream. In my dream I was pushed and fell and hit my head and in my dream I had the felling in my head that you get when you hit it hard. Just wired. Everything else still the same.

  • Maybe, not sure. I am starting to think that I didnt O when I got my positive OPK originally. I got all the symptoms, but maybe my body just didn't produce a healthy enough follicle. I think I may have ovulated for real yesterday. Although, looking at my chart I had 2 dips this cycle. Ugh who knows, I'm so confused lol. Today would be 7dpo and I only have a backache now. 

    Mom2alexis: Weird vivid dreams are a great sign, my mother always says she had them right before she got her BFP's. ♡

  • Its happened last two nights. Not gonna get my hopes up though.

  • Yeah weird dreams are definatly a good sign just gotta play the waiting game I suppose. Defiantly think your body playa tricks on you. 

     JocelyneLarock95 that's so confusing so you think you I'd today did your temp not spike after you got your positive opk? 

  • I think our bodies love to play tricks on us, or a least that's what it seems.

  • My temp spiked the day after I got my +OPK, that's what is extra confusing. I also got a nearly positive OPK again yesterday and had another temp spike today, so strange. Could have been a fluke test and an implantation dip yesterday, but I am not sure.

    Plus side, I seem to have gotten my crampy feeling, backache and now the slightest nausea. At this point I shall just wait until more symptoms rear their head haha. 

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