Ttc after miscarriage

June 4th of this year I had a miscarriage. We started trying to get pregnant again right away with no luck as of yet. I am currently on cd25. AF due in 4-8 days. Since June my cycles are all over the place. Used to be 28 day cycle before mc. Anyway I hate the tww. Feel like i go crazy and just need someone to talk too. As of today, I have headaches, extremely moody, breast hurt but not to the touch, and so tired lately. 



  • Forgot to add have to go to the bathroom a lot more.

  • Good morning. Cd26 nothing really different here. When I got out of bed this morning my lower stomach was sore it I worked out but has pretty much gone.

  • Like I had worked out. My phone. Smh.

  • Hi Mom2alexis,

    I also had a missed miscarriage in June. This month we got out BFP! I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you. Hopefully this is your month!

  • Hopefulmama2019 congratulations! Happy and health 9 months to you. And thank you. 

  • Good morning. Cd27- can't sleep. Had wired dream. In my dream I was pushed and fell and hit my head and in my dream I had the felling in my head that you get when you hit it hard. Just wired. Still having to go to the bathroom a lot. No headache as of yet. See how today goes.

  • When is af due mom2alexis? 

    I know how you feel I had a missed mc in June, had to wait for 1 period (doctors advice) before trying again. Luckily we got pregnant first time but I would say (I know it’s easier said than done) please don’t stress as it won’t help. 

    are you using ovulation Kits ? I swear by them they worked for me both times first time. Good luck xx

  • Af due between the 3rd and 7th. And not i don't use them.

  • And congratulations.

  • Well it's 1am here right now and I have been up for 45 mins with horrible indigestion. Its to the point I feel sick. I did take a frer and it was negative. Just and indent line. Still early for me though as I still 1-4 days before af is due. And with my last I was 6 days late before I got a faint positive. Wired dreams have continued. Hope this indigestion goes away so I can go back to bed.

  • imagethis is the one I took this morning. You might be able to see the indent line.

  • Cd28- still having wired dreams when i actually sleep. Got horrible indigestion, breasts hurt but not to the touch, fatigue, having to use bathroom a lot, crazy mood sings, and headaches still off and on.

  • Still have Indigestion and still moody. My hit and upper legs are aching now.

  • Cd29- still having same symptoms. Lower back is hurting. Today is the start of when af could come. Don't feel like she is but she still has 4 more days to come before I am concidered late.

  • Cd30- this one is a bit exciting. For those that are keeping up with my forum. I still have 3 days to af, symptoms are still the same. Took a cheap test this morning. I have a faint line! I will post a pic. The line I got this morning is the same kind of faint line I had at 6 days late with my mc and I'm not late yet! I shouldn't get my hopes up but too late for that. I will test again in a few days.imageimage

  • Good morning to those of you that are keeping up with my story. Cd31- my breasts are very sore. I still can't sleep. No sickness yet. Still having headaches. I took another test this morning it was a little darker but still faint. Couldn't get a good pic of it but do have a pic. imageimage

  • Just did another test it officially my BFP! No faint line on this one. You can see it plan as day!image

  • Have dr appointment for Thursday morning to confirm and check levels.

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