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How long do we keep trying??



  • Susiegirlygirl, don't suppose you've done one of your famous bleach tests?

  • Hahah no Its all been proper pregnancy tests. Plus that one must of been coincidence as I tried one a couple of months ago and it got a massive head but wasn't pregnant so must just be something in urine it reacts with xxx

  • Susie girl no way!! keeping fingers and toes crossed for your bfp soon!! Will you test again tomorrow? x

  • I completly understand where your coming from. I’ve been trying for two years most months. It’s very disheartening and I do know how you feel. It still hasn’t happened for us yet but I’m hopeful for the future. My friend got pregnant so easily and people around me are too. I always ask myself, why not me? Going to the doctors in january if we don’t conceive this month or next month. Currently in the tww and it’s torture... I hope it happens for you soon 

  • Hi luciee 👋 nice to hear from a fellow trier! It’s so hard isnt it!! What cycle day are you on? I’m on day 13 but my OH is now away with work so haven’t done the deed since Sunday! So it’s not looking likely for us this month! 

  • I’m new on here, but it’s helping to talk to people who knows how I’s definitely hard! I am on CD 29 so AF is literally going to be around the corner. My cycles range from 27-34 so it could be any day now. I’ve had cramps since a few days after ovulation and backaches but I think I’m just symptom spotting if I’m honest... how long have you been trying? 

  • So I came on 3 DAYS LATE!!! Never late. Now 5 months in of ttc again. I will give till april then look at IVF for sure xxx

  • Oh susie that sucks!! Sending you a virtual hug and lots of baby dust for this cycle! I know theres probs nothing I can say to make you feel better, but just know that I’m with you!! 

    Luciee fingers crossed af stays away 🤞🤞! I’ve been trying since August 2017 but had a miscarriage this year in June at 13 weeks, so been trying again since then! It’s gotta be my turn soon 🤞🤞 try not to symptom spot! It makes us crazy!!!

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