trying for an August 2019 baby

new thread for those of us who are trying for an August baby



  • Thanks mrs. Have 8days to go u til AF arrives. Hoping she doesn’t but will have to wait and see. 

  • Just finishing AF due to ov this time next week. Month 15 ttc!! I think I've been on every monthly ttc thread on here 😂

    Feeling hopeful though as we've started the fertility investigations but still not giving up trying naturally. 

  • Oh yay, I am here, I think I have looped around this month of ttc twice now! Sigh!! 

  • I'm here too! Let's be hopeful August is our baby month ladies! 🤞🤞

  • Bring on our august babies. Im very hopeful for a lot of us this time! Lots and lots of baby dust!. And a lot of baby dancing again! 

    Not sure if good tip but think it worked for me before CP! I got a tilted womb and read that doggie style is a good position. Me and oh did this everyday during fertile window! Will be doing this again! Come on August baby im waiting for you!! 🤞

  • He he! The men of the 'madeformums August group' will think Christmas has come early with all the doggy style! 😂😂

  • Yes, lets all tie a bow and jingles and doggy it. Oh man, atleast we will be burning some good calories !! :D 

  • well AF is definitely here and she's holding no punches! I've driven 190 miles round trip today with the worst cramps and backache driving on day one of AF is not nice at the best of times!

    I also have a tilted uterus...if doggy style will help hubby will be pleased he loves it lol.

    can't wait for the witch to do one so we can get back to DTD!

    good luck everyone hopefully this is our month

  • AF isn’t here as yet, but had a BFN this morning so I’m guessing I’m out for this month. Hoping next month might be more successful 🤞🏼

  • imageAny insight into my chart? I’m new to the charting as of last month so haven’t quite worked it all out. is it odd to have the up and down temps in between the two high temp points? 

  • Yipeee..........I'm here,done with AF, cant wait to doggy it.

    Nov.please be nice, I dont want AF again till 9months, baby dust to us all.

  • Evening ladies hope you’re all well. Just thought I’d share my story, what I did different and how I got a BFP on Sunday after 7 months of trying and getting no joy. 

    From the first day of my cycle I started having 2 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day(apparently this helps strengthen the uterus) I downloaded a period tracking app called Glow, I have to say this app was brilliant you can upload pics of your OPK test / CB Digital test and it would tell you if you are fertile or not, I also started to track my BBT on the app. The best thing is based on your BBT and the OPK tests the app calculated a % of my chances of getting pregnant during my fertile window. I found that DTD 2 days before ovulation gave me a 25% of pregnancy. 

    My husband and I also started to DTD every other day after my period until I got a dark OPK/ High fertile on CB digital and we DTD 2 days on miss a day and then 2 days DTD.  I feel this helped sperm production and making them super swimmers haha. TMI coming up, we used preseed and used a clean sterile syringe with no needle to insert this into me. My husband also started to take Took D-Aspartic Acid and Fenugreek capsules two weeks before my fertile window. 

    In addition to the above, i continued to sleep with a pillow under my butt after DTD to raise my pelvis. I took my vitamins and ate healthy. 

    6dpo- there was a a brown pink discharge when I wiped 

    7dpo - every so slight brown discharge 

    8dpo through to 11dpo no symptoms, 

    11dpo - Faint Line on FRER am. Did another FRER test and the line got darker. 

    12dpo - BFP on a CB test, also had slight cramping and twinges. 

    So I read somewhere that you only get symptoms of pregnancy when you get a BFP, and I totally agree with this. This month I just blocked out symptom spotting, I feel we spend so much time doing this and when we end up with a BFN we’re heartbroken. I also believe we put our body under stress during the TWW by symptom spotting so as hard as it is, for one month just don’t symptom spot and stress. 

    Having faith and remains positive is so important, I feel it sends good vibes to your body. 

    Although there’s a lot of Info there I really hope that sharing this will bring you all some baby dust and the BFP you’re all looking for. 🙏🏽

    If any of you want to PM to ask any questions then please feel free to . Xx

  • Thanks Littlebirdie- congratulations again. So exciting for you! 

    i’m hoping for an August baby!


  • Hi all. Hoping I can join in. I was previously in a October chat. month 3 ttc and think I may have had my first positive opk. What do you ladies think?



  • Thanks EMJ3 good luck for this month xx 

    Lea2018 that’s a positive definitely DTD tonight.  Have you been testing for a few day? its good to DTD every day before  you get a positive or dark opk x

  • Thank an little birdie. i thought it was positive too but as I’ve not had one yet I wanted to double check and not get my hopes up. We dtd early hours Sunday Monday. Also dtd about half hour ago 🙈 you think that’s ok? Carry on tdt for the next few days? 

    Also congratulations. I remember you name from the October chat ❤️

  • that opk was at 3pm today. So I did another one at around 6pm today. 6pm opk picture attached to this. image

  • Congratulations littlebird delighted for u. 

  • Thank you Genabella xx 

    Lea2018, yeah I think that should cover it. One of my friends told me that you should DTD as the lines go from light to darker so if a egg is there it gets surrounded haha. Also to keep the sperm producing fresh swimmers to go every other day after your period has finished. Xx

  • Dtd early hours Sunday morning. Also dtd yesterday (twice) never have time of a morning so will dtd again tonight!! 

    quickly did an opk this morning and was still positive. Not as dark at the one I did last night tho I don’t think. But have got one with me to do this afternoon just to track, and will do one again this evening. 

    Was getting so down as when I came off the pill in August I’ve not had a positive opk yet until yesterday ! So I was like FINALLY. 

    im so hoping that fingers crossed it may have taken me until month 3 to ovulate and get back to normal after coming off the pill (which I was on for 10 years) and hopefully this could be the month !! 

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