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Trying To Concieve 🤷🏾‍♀️

Okay So Me And My Boyfriend Been Trying To Conceive And We Had Sex 2 Days Before My Ovulation Day(October 30th)And 2 Days After I Was Supposed To Come On My Period On The 13th But I Ended Up Bleeding On The (9th Of November) It Started Off Light But Got Heavier The Last 4 Days When Should I Take A Test It Should I Even Take One


  • If you have had your period then there wouldnt be a need to take a test i think?

    was it like your usual period or different?

  • Different Like One Day It Would Be Light And The A Different Day It Would Be Heavy And No I Haven't Had My Period I Was Supposed To Come On Today But I'm Not Bleeding It's Just A Dark Brown Color 

  • That's because uve had ur period u came on 3 days early by the sounds of it. Sometimes we are really regular like clockwork and then occasionally and totally randomly u come on early or late. It's annoying but it does happen. I personally wouldn't waste money on a test x

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