Hit a low

I’m struggling I’ve even trying for over a year but no luck and most of my close friends keep announcing they are expecting I’m so upset I just avoid seeing them if I can I hate Feeling acting like this 😩


  • Hey Sarah,

    Don't loose hope, you will read alot of stories on here of people in the same boat.

    Myself was 18 months before I got my first BFP. Have you had tests and stuff done?

    It's a struggle worth getting through to get to the other end. Don't put so much pressure on yourself :)

  • ive seen the fertility doctor I’m all good (I don’t understand all the codes here 😂)  I know it just so hard :( 

  • Hi Sarah, you may have read one of my post before so I'm sorry about banging on about it if you already know! Haha. But have you heard of soya Isoflavones? They are a natural version of Clomid, completely safe, I fell pregnant on my first month of trying them as have many of my friends x 

  • He no I haven’t! Where can I get from

  • You can get them from Holland and Barrett but they don't do the right dosage. So I got mine online from natures best 50mg. I took mine on cycle day 3-7 (day 1 50mg, day 2 50mg,  day 3 100mg, day 4 100mg, day 5 100mg). They help you to ovulate stronger x 

  • Jlisa I did and I tried them last month. Only took them for 3 days came on TEN DAYS EARLY ffs lol so I knocked them on the head hahah xx 

  • Everyone is different, I think if nothing else is working then its worth a shot. X

  • I think i may have taken it at wrong time so may try them on next cycle x

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