Implantation bleeding?

Has anyone ever experienced implantation bleeding, what’s it actually like? 

I’m due AF in 3-4 days and don’t feel like she’s on her way, I’ve had tender boobs but nothing like they usually are and no other symptoms really, not getting my hopes up but just wondering what implantation bleeding is like as noticed slight spots of pink in my knickers and a little when I wiped xx


  • Anyone?? I haven’t had any pink since, and I had slight cramping a few days ago but nothing since - really trying not to get my hopes up! Xx

  • Hi there, It might be but it might not be.

    I know you've been trying for a while now and it's hard not to look for symptoms but I've had some symptoms every month and then I was sooo disappointed every time when I had my BFN so I don't really want to say that this is implantation bleeding. But it might be :) I had very little brown discharge.

    You should get BFP after 2-4 days of spotting, that's how long it takes for your kidneys to process hcg. If you can wait 1st day of AF would be the best to do test :) good luck! xx

  • Hi Mag1988! 

    Thanks for your response, I know that’s why I’m trying to be realistic about it!  As everytime I’ve had spotting or discharge in the past, it has turned into AF, the only slight difference with this is the fact I’ve had nothing since - but not going to get my hopes up as I know all to well that feeling of disappointment!

    I’m waiting for AF to show her face now as I can’t deal with all the testing and heartbreak anymore I just want to be pregnant so badly :(  I think my best way forward is to tell myself AF is on her way and then hopefully be it this month or in the future I’ll have a happy surprise! Thank you Xxx

  • Hi Katie, agreed that it's hard to determine and totally understand you not wanting to get your hopes up. If it helps, I used to spot every now and then before af arrived. However, when I FINALLY conceived in July I had no other unusual symptoms and I spotted pink/ light brown discharge 2 days before af was due to arrive. I randomly tested on the day that af was due to arrive because I was going out and wanted to be sure that I could drink etc and I got a super strong positive that showed up in seconds. So yes, it is possible and I have my fingers crossed for you. I would also add that I was in such doubt that I first took an ovulation test before the pregnancy test as I had read that it can show up if you are pregnant and not in your ovulation part of your cycle. It seemed to work for me as the ovulation test line was super dark and the control line was very faint. That's what motivated me to take the first response pregnancy test followed by the clear blue test which stated that I was 2-3 weeks pregnant. All the best and hope that the above helps! 

  • Thank you for your reply! And congratulations too!! ❤️ Unfortunately I had a very quick and 3 day early arrival of AF, so onto the next cycle for me xx

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