Hello are any one of these positive :) please



  • I can't see anything sorry. what dpo are you?

  • Thank you :) 10 day absolutely terrible heaches :( no period awaiting bloods fromthe doctor im sure there’s was a line on the second picture thank you for taking the time to answer my crazy head 🤪 think  i can see something that’s all :( x

  • Now when you said I can see that line too haha :) get first response test and check. I think they're more sensitive :) you're not crazy and good luck! :) let me know how it goes xx

  • Of course :) thank you xxxxxx

  • I can def  see something especially on middle one when u due? Xx

  • Hello did a clear blue digatial and said not pregnant ?!? Now waiting on bloods to confirm 🧐 x

  • Digital tests tend to show later so I would ignore that one :) good luck xx

  • How about these?due tomorrow. Did 1st test around 5pm wee was clear did 2nd test 2 hours later  around 7pm  more yellower pee. Evap? image

  • Susie I can see a line on both! Are these internet cheapies? When I was using these lines were very faint but other tests had strong BFP. Maybe try different make?

  • They're freedom cheepies from Tesco xxx

  • Never tried these. But definetely a line there. Second one more visible so with less diluted urine! 

  • Yes the first pee test was very diluted as almost clear the second was done 2 hours later with a more yellow pee x

  • Any news susiegirliegirl? Fingers crossed for you ☺️

  • Well I've tested negative since and now a full day late. Never late either! always on time or a day early very occasionally but normally every 27days so god knows what is going on. Was due on yesterday and nothing. Figured I would come on today but still nothing. Just took another and can't see a line so god knows. So confusing x

  • oh that’s confusing! I had the same sort of thing! I’m 7 days late, Had a short bleed a week after ovulation then a positive test yesterday and all bfn today 🤷🏻‍♀️ very strange! 

    When will you test again?

  • image

    Can anyone tell me if this is a positive. Super confused and I’m not due on AF until another week! 

  • Oldamama they look positive hun xxx

  • Sophie I can Defo see something xx

  • Did them yesterday, Tried another one this morning and it’s bfn.. So I took an opk to see if maybe I’m due to ovulate, it wasn’t positive but was very dark compared to the fact I hardly ever show even a slight line on an opk at any given time... My body is one strange place lol 

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