Advice please!!!

My cycle is always like clockwork every 27 days except the odd one I may be 25 days but never late past 27. 

Tested Friday got a very faint positive then all negatives since. Also I am a full day late so god knows what's going on. Anyone had negatives when late and still been pregnant? Xxx


  • Maybe try the first response pregnancy test or go to your doctor. 

  • I've tried clear blue and cheapest ones too but now negative and 2 full days late x

  • Clear blue's aren't as sensitive, that could be why you're getting negative results. Your best bet it to use a First Response Early detection with your FMU. Good luck!

  • I’m in the exact same boat! 27 day cycle 3 days ago I had 3 positives, yesterday negatives so confused x

  • Ok hun I may try one. I just figured being 2 full days late I wud of had some sort of visible line on even the cheap ones and CB by now.  First response are a tenner I think I just begrudge getting one yet hahah xxx if I go 4 days then I will do one I have some cheap ones still left I will try those first xxx 

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