Tww wait over no AF

Hello ladies, 
My TWW is over and now its 17dpo, 1 crossed no AF, but experiencing twinges in lower abdomen not constantly but rare (its gradually decreasing frim the day of IUI). Tested on 10dpo its bfn and till now i have not taken any test because of the previous disappointment. Till now tje symptoms are sore boobs its not constant at times it will come and disappear. Twinges in abdomen like a gastric pain in upper abdomen. Heart burn especially from evening, light headness and nausea at times. Pain in lower back and legs not consistent. It would be really helpful for me if u through your suggestions.


  • You need to take a test. 

    Am sure if you are having medical support with the IUI they gave you a test date.  They need to know what is happening so they can give you the correct support depending in the outcome

  • S im n susten 200mg till sterday cd30 and dr advised for beta hcg on 22nd of this month..

  • I'm same. 2 days late (NEVER LATE) BFN!!! Vicious headaches and waves of nausea, slight twinge in stomach no sign of AF x dunno what to do just wait it out. Pointless taking texts. Had one very faint positive Friday ( see pic) but all negative since ximage

  • Thanks for your time and reply stillfrying and susiegirlygirl. 

    @ susiegirlygirl if u suspect that u are pregnant, i would sugest for a blood test, thay would give u an accurate result.

  • Soonmomtobe I would do but  feel a plonker cos all I have now is negative tests but still no period. I have no idea what my body is playing at. It's a massive head f##k x

  • Don worry susiegirlygirl, have heard from lots of friends that they gotta positive when their blood work was done. That's why i suggested it to you.

  • Ok hun thank u xx if I've not come on tomorrow I will book in docs xxx 

  • That sounds good, will remind u in prayers, wish u a lots of baby dust...

  • Started vomiting from from one day crossed AF, today is 3days crossed and vomiting is getting worse. Yesterday went to GP for blood work, she advised me not to urge and asked to take beta hcg on thursday(tomorow) and gave emset injection and emset tablet for 6 days and asked to continue susten for another 3days 1-0-1. Scared of taking emset is if safe. I have not test led yet so scared of testing, because of the disappointments in previous cycles. But this vomiting js really new on my cycle. Throw back starts only on the evening time. Please ladies ur responses will be truely useful.

  • Hi Susiegirlygirl, is there is any update?

    Hope things are going good.

  • Hi hun  yes I came on 3 DAYS LATE !! Never late ever so  body clearly playing tricks. Just finished period so 5 days until my fertile window begins xxx

  • Sorry to hear this from u, I too got my periods its almost 5 days late. For first two days spotted very dark with pelvic cramps, gynec told might be an implantation bleeding and advised to wait. Yesterday bleeding starting and now its dry. Still having bloated feel and nausea. Dont know what it is??

  • Also slight sore in my breast.

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