Miscarriage an positive opks

hi all, 

i miscarried on the 26th October the nurse told me to take hcg test 2 weeks later to see if it was negative and I thought whilst I was dipping I would do opk too, they was both positive! 2 days later I tested again faint positive on hcg but very positive on opk, I haven’t done a hcg since but I have still been using opks which are still positive 10days after my first test, I don’t know what to make of it an if iv ovulated at all, could the opk be picking up in any hcg I have left? Has anyone experience this? 

Thank u 


  • If u have pregnancy hormones in system then opks can show up also positive. U really need to make sure u get a negative pregnancy teat first and wait until first period been and gone before trying again so that they can date u properly and also reduce risk of infection x

  • Thanks for your advice, we arnt ttc yet I’m just trying to figure out my bodies cycle again, my nurse said I didn’t have to wait for a period they only advise that for dating reasons which is not necessary and to just wait 2 weeks before having sex again to prevent infection, 

  • Yeah it's so hard. My best advice is that ur first period shoukd be approximately 4 weeks after the miscarriage. So even if for example u bleed for 3 weeks after the miscarriage, then stop for a week and start bleeding again the following week then that will be your period. Mine  was so bad and i got an infection and ended up needing surgery.  I bled for 8 weeks solid and one of those was my first period . In fact In those 8 weeks I had 1 day of no bleed then the most horrific 2 week bleed which was my first period with giant clots I was so unfortunate. Then my next period came 2 weeks after that cos that one lasted 2 weeks so it seemed it cane around so soon but fact is we count are cycle from the first day of period regardless of how long that period lasts. How I didn't need a transfusion I will never know x

  • Hi i miscarried 2 weeks before my wedding went on honeymoon day after got married came back from honeymoon and was pregnant again i never thought that could happen. I never had a period from after having miscarriage. 

  • Thanks I only bled for a week then had browny pink for a few more days then nothing since, 

    wow Sweet star that was very fast, when was this? X

  • 10 years ago! I never thought it would happen so quick i was 22 mc at 8 weeks and falling pregnant so soon after was the last thing on my mind! The hosp told me to wait until 1st af to start pill again and it never came I now have 2 boys 7 and 9 x

  • I remember i went for scan at 6 weeks as was bleeding and there was heartbeat went back due to more bleeding at 8 weeks and they dated me at 6 weeks again. But couldnt possibly be then i started bleeding heavy and was in so much pain went for a scan 3 days later even though the bleeding had stopped and was nothing there. My 1st son pregnancy had no bleeding til 20 weeks then had really heavy bleeding every 3-4 weeks it got to the point i didnt worry about it as he was a really active baby because every time i went to the hosp they never found the reason for it! He was  born a healthy 7lb 9oz my 2nd son had no bleeding at all and was 8lb xx

    Good luck hope it goes well for you xxx

  • Thank you, I started with brown/pink when I wiped I was 11 weeks, midwife told me not to worry as it’s very common, my friend told me to call Epu an get a scan so I had me the following day still only spotting abit, then our hearts were broken! The heavy stuff an cramping came later that night x

  • Aw you poor thing its awful isnt never felt heartbreak like it i'm so sorry for what you went through xxx

  • thank you, you too, I cant believe how many ppl go through it. 

    are you wanting anymore children x

  • I know so many women told me about theirs i was surprised. I stopped pill 1st Oct in the tww im excited but so nervous also. I'm 33 my hubby and both my boys want another its taken me along time to feel like im emotionally ready to go through it all again I had an ectopic 4 years ago although wasnt in my tubes and said id never try again but i am now xx

  • Wishing you the best of luck when’s af due x

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