Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 15

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  • hi everyone, i have just found out this week at my 12 week dating scan that my little bean stopped growing at 6 weeks and 4 days. so i chose to go through with the natural miscarriage as i had already started bleeding the day before my scan. This was our first pregnancy. Me and my partner are both devastated, and want to try again as soon as possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Kace, 

    I'm very sorry for your loss. We lost a baby boy at 16 weeks three months ago. The first month was very difficult, it feels like you're always waiting: waiting for your bleeding to stop, for hcg to drop, for cycles to resume.... Things get easier, we started ttc after the first periods, trying makes it easier for both of us.

     I think of my little one everyday but it gets a bit less painful .

    Lots of love xxx

  • Sorry for your loss kace it happened to me at 9 week scan that baby stopped at 6 weeks I was same absolutely devastated as it happened twice but I’m 27 weeks now with a healthy boy growing so don’t lose hope hun it does get easier with time xx

  • Thankyou birdy1202,

    So sorry for your loss also. It's a total shock nothing can explain the feeling. I am only 19, I've got my whole life ahead. But hopefully once my period starts again. I can start ttc. 


  • Thankyou claloub, 

    I will never loose hope, just makes me more worried for next time. Fingers crossed, next time goes well. And I can have a healthy bubba soon. And congratulations on your pregnancy!!


  • So sorry kace I found Out I had lost my 1st baby at 9 weeks and baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and then mc again this year at 9 weeks with baby stopping growing at 8 weeks litterally just days after a reassurance scan at 7+5

    mother nature is cruel, I’m 25 and it’s so difficult because we are supposed to be young and healthy and able so it is a total shock when things go wrong but I really hope you’re rainbow comes soon for you xx

  • So sorry about your pregnancies too MrsRees,

    Mother nature is definitely so cruel, you just don't imagine it happening to yourself. Especially at such young age. 

    Thankyou, I hope my rainbow comes very soon, and the same for you. No one deserves this. Xx

  • Hello Kace99, sorry for your loss. It's always hard but hopefully soon you will have your rainbow baby :) I'm still hoping for mine 

  • Hi Everyone, it's been awhile since I have been on this thread!

    I have recently found out that I am pregnant following my missed miscarriage in May and I am a wreck. I keep refusing to believe its a true positive and also keep going to the toilet to wipe (sorry TMI) to check that I am not bleeding! I am confused about my conception as I am usually a 36 day cycle but tested positive 1-2 weeks on Friday 30th November, and again on 1st December. Last period was 1st November 2018. Does this sound right or a fluke?

    I've just asked my colleague to pick me up some more tests on her break, it's costing me a fortune!!!!

  • Hi mbce was your period on the 1st the same flow as usual? X

  • since the miscarriage every period seemed to get heavier each time but this one was noticable Lighter but lasted 7 days. 

  • Hi to everyone else, I haven’t read all the previous threads as there is loads 🙈 I’m just wondering does anyone have success stories to share of their rainbow babies?? 

    I started to bleed on the 25th Oct I was 11wks pregnant, Epu got me in for a scan the following day which revealed anembryonic pregnancy (Empty sac) we were and still are so devastated, I was bleeding for just over a week then the odd day of spotting. 

    Last week I decided to do a test and it was positive I rang the hospital who got me in for bloods and hcg was 30 she said it could be a new pregancy or still hormones remaining so advised to go back for a repeat 48hrs later, that same day I started to bleed, my levels dropped to 12 and I am now on my 7th day of bleeding my period is usually only 3 :( 

    so that’s my story to date sorry for the long post x

  • I guess You could of ovulated early, as I’m sure you know your dated from the first day of your last menstrual cycle which would make you 5 weeks tomorrow. massive congratulations! Maybe get in for bloods to check hcg x

  • hi Loz,

    sorry to hear what what you are going through, try to keep positive (easier said than done) are they able to confirm whether it was a new pregnancy? Xx

  • No they just said unfortunately my levels had dropped and it may be that i get a period a couple of weeks after this bleed, 

    in My heart I know it was a chemical as I was testing and the lines was getting darker which could only mean that hcg was increasing, but in my head I’m telling my self it’s just a long period  as I can’t cope with another loss so soon x

  • Yes your right, it is probably for the best that you don’t know for sure at this point as it will only cause you more hurt. 

    i Think you will need to have a good cry, get it all out your system and then once you feel up to it, try again. I found it helpful to concentrate on something else positive, like healthy eating and exercise. (Although that went down the drain about 2 months ago lol) 

    I’m worried that mine is a chemical pregnancy, it just seems so strange that  ive Fallen pregnant the month I was meant to be giving birth. xx

  • Could be fate, try not to worry to much.

    did you try more tests x

  • I'd like to think it is! I did 3 in total, 3 days in a row and they all came back 1-2 weeks.

    Don't think my OH would be happy if I spent more money on tests lol.

    How are you feeling today? xx

  • So what are you going to do noW? Have you contacted the doctors or anything? 

    Im ok thank you hoping this is the last day of bleeding it has lightened a lot x

  • Well fingers crossed for you that it is!

    I have registered it as a pregnancy with the doctor, but feel silly for doing it. Just got my OH to get me another test. It can't be a chemical if it still shows Pregnant the day before your expected period can it?


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