What’s the earliest everyone took a test?

What’s the earliest everyone has done a test? My periods are irregular so no idea when I would be due. Has anyone done ones early? 



  • I have been feeling off for about a week and a half. Cramps, Nausea, lower back pain, food aversion - haven't been sleeping. I got up @5am today to test. BFN :( Have been an emotional wreck all day. AF is due in 5 days so maybe I tested to early?? I just don't know :(

  • Last period was October 14 for 3 days very light . Started testing one week ago day 7 & 6 were negitive days l leading up to today is two lines but all faint but enough to know it's a positive. Yesterday me and my bf took a digital clear blue and said positive 1-2 weeks.still have to get blood work to be 100% positive

  • I took a test 10 days b4 my period. The line was faint but I was definitely pregnant.

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  • Mine are negative atm, im 10dpo going into 11 dpo, i had from 6 dpo,cramps,moodiness cramps were making me feel sick, i had a couple of spells of dizziness, 6dpo was awful i felt dreadful bad fatigue, might just wait for my period which is on tuesday x 

  • Had pregnancy symptoms for about a week now super tender breasts, increased appetite, nausea, sensitive to smells, had mild cramping and with 2 spots of blood last week and yesterday started throwing up around 11am.

    I took 2 tests 2 days ago but had a very faint white line so pressummed negative.

    Tested today with frer fmu 4 days before af and took 3 pictures just after 3 minute timer went off and there is a very faint pink line imageimageimage

    What do people think otherwise Its all in my head and I'm seeing things

  • Hi I was the same a few days ago, i done an early pregnancy test it came back negative. Today I have done another, i got 2 lines but one is so thin I'm not sure if that's a bfp. My period was due today.image

  • imageThis picture might be a bit clearer or maybe I'm seeing things. This is my 1st and I have never felt like before any af so if I'm not pregnant then something is wrong 

  • That looks like a definite BFP to me hun. Congratulations x

  • imagehi all I tested today at what I think is 9dpo, this is this morninga test was so unsure that I went out and bought first response il upload photo. Both lines faint but there to see with out squinting. I have crampy pains in my back so I'm so nervous (have had a chemical a few months ago) this is out 9th cycle trying. Fingers crossed it sticks and good luck to everyone :) 

  • imagethia is the first response taken later on in the day 9dpo (roughly) testing tomorrow and then Sunday and hopefully Tuesday I can see it in writing with a clear blue or do u think I could test sooner with a clear blue? 

  • You guys!!! i hope to God i find out monday if im pregnant or not. Extreme fatigue today!!! And ive hardy done anything:( x

  • Hi maybe baby, I would leave it as late as possible to test with clear blue as they're not as sensitive, if you test too soon it may come up negative, and mess with your head. That looks like a good positive. Congratulations!! 

    Lorny....Sorry to hear you got a bfn, hopefully it was too soon to test. Fingers crossed for you for testing again on Monday. Maybe try a FRER, that should give you a clearer answer. Good luck and let us know how you get on. X

  • Sorry i dont want to sound dumb but what is FRER???

  • Lorny, a FRER is a First Response Early Response. They are very sensitive pregnancy tests. Usually these give you a result before a missed period. More sensitive than clear blue. 

    Fingers still crossed for you!!! Good luck!! X

  • Hiya just seen this trend.. I've a boots cheapie upstairs and due af tomorrow.. Will it pick up hcg tomorrow with fmu if I am or am I better waiting?? Also when is it best to use clear blue with weeks indicator?? Just don't want to buy one to waste it.. Congratulations on all the bfp and baby dust to the rest xx

  • imageso I'm 10dpo today and decided to buy the 2 pack of digis thinking I would get not pregnant with the first one only to get this absolutely delighted our 9th cycle trying! Sober Christmas new year and birthday for me 😂🎉😊❤️ good luck to all in the baby making journey, it ain't easy I know thst much xx

  • I tested 11dpo not even thinking I was going to get a positive it was an off month for us trying, top test was 11dpo (within 30 secs the 2nd line came up) the middle was 2 hrs later because my husband couldn't believe it and bottom was 12dpo. I have mild cramping and AF is due Sunday. Obviously I started reading up and read on chemical pregnancies and hoping that wont be the case. 

    Doctors appointment on Tuesday.


  • Hey ladies, I hope you don't mind me joining but I'm looking for some advice and a little bit of hope. Me and the partner dtd the day of ovulation and I'm now 2 days late.. I havnt tested yet as I was a week late with my little girl when I finally tested positive so I'm trying to wait it out. But the difference is this time is I have zero symptoms I feel nothing. I don't feel pregnant nor is there any sign of AF turning up. The only thing I can say I'm feeling is all last week my boobs were so itchy I was constantly at them, I have a slight dull headache and I have a slight change of colour on my legs like some parts are patchy brown and then my usual milk bottle white colour. My mum told me that colour pigmentation is quite common in pregnancy but I don't know if I'm just clutching straws. 

    I'm just wondering if any ladies have been late and had no symptoms of pregnancy or AF but still gone on to get their bfp 

    Thanks for reading xxx

  • imagehi I just tested this morning one day after expected period, I've been cramping and feel like I'll be getting my period but I'm sure I did get pregnant  But so far that's the only light line I got on a fr test .. I had used the other test day before expected period but there was no line at all.. I used both under flash to see it and it's only seen on the one test . Am I imaging it?.. It did come up within 3min . Thanks 

  • May 2 congrutaltions digital confirmation and we'll. Best luck and health pregnancy. 

    Sabs congrutaltions there lovely positive lines. Have a safe and happy pregnancy. 

    Agnese.. Oh hi I see the line too.. Test again in 2 days and u should have a darker line best of luck 😊

    Rosieb well it can happen on my son I had a bit of nausea only reason I test is that I was late. But my advice is try wai a bit longer to test. l

    Well I'm day 4 still no period afaird to test again :( even tho I think i ovulated late so someone suggested I'm be only 2 days late. 

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