December 2018 TTC

Well onto trying again in December for a September baby! This is my 8th month of trying and I thought I'd make another post for people who are trying again this month! I'm on CD2 today and can't wait to start trying again!



  • Hi eclipsa! I have jumped over from the November thread 👋🏻 

  • Welcome to the thread Lea! What CD are you on? :)

  • I’m CD6 today on cycle number 4 TTC. 

    Waa on the pill for over 10 years so it’s taken a while for things to settle and get back to normal. And last cycle was the first time I actually had a positive opk so fingers crossed for this month. Going to follow the smep this month too xx 

  • Hello im

    jumping over too 

  • Hi gennabella 👋🏻 

  • Lea2018 I’m similar to you on CD 1 though but on my 4th month trying this will be! Af showed up this morning :(

    I was on the pill for 8 years but cycles have gone back regular thankfully x

  • Hi Jessicanne 👋🏻 

    My cycles have gone back to regular - every 28 days. But when AF shows up the blood isn’t red it’s darker like a brown colour. But after much googling people have had similar experiences so fingers crossed. And last month was my first positive opk too so I’m hoping this month could be the one. 🤞🏻

  • I get this! From the 28th day I get the brown colour then it starts going red on day 31 or day 1 people will class this I think as a new cycle 🤷‍♀️  hope we get Christmas miracles lol x

  • I’m hoping so ! Next AF is due 23rd December! Would be the best Christmas present xx 

  • Oh that would be the best present ever xx

  • When is your AF due? 

    Im following smep this month xx 

  • I have come on today properly! 😔 so will be due around the end of December next time but I don’t mind a late present! Xx

  • Hopefully we will both be going into 2019 with some good news ❤️

  • I’d love that I am sick of getting my hopes up knowing it could still be months! :( convince myself every month but not this one I’m gonna just not google anything! (Try anyway) hehe xx

  • Hello ladies, I’m jumping over from the November thread. It’s our 6 month TTC and I’m on CD 5. Hoping for a Christmas miracle too. I’m struggling with feeling inadequate/inferior at the moment about this whole thing. Hoping for the best soon 

  • I get annoyed with people telling me to stop stressing and that it’ll happen when it happens but how can you stop thinking about something so big that you want so much! I know it’s right what they’re saying but it’s bloody annoying lol x

  • JessicaAnne, I’m right where you are at the moment. I know perfectly well that it’ll happen when it’s meant to be and stress is really not conducive to getting pregnant but how can I not think about it every day? 

  • It’s nigh impossible it really is! I think I need to do start some meditation somehow to de-stress myself hehe x

  • Hi everyone. I'm on month 2 TTC baby #1. I'm CD17 and 3DPO, AF due on the 12th December. 

    Sadly, had a chemical pregnancy last month. Hoping that I'll catch just as quickly, but in contrast, not feeling so hopeful this month.

    Good luck to everyone. Hopefully we can get our BFP's for Christmas :)

  • My mum was just here. Talked non stop about my cousins wee girl and her friends granddaughter! She dosnt mean any harm but I know all the time she’s thinkinv “is ther no word of you giving me a grandchild?!?” I can’t face telling her we are trying cause she is always ott with everything and whileher heart is totally in the right place I find myself having to appear almost dissenterested and changing the  conversation. So annoying. if I get lucky this month I will know by Xmas day so that would be the best present ever! Keeping everything crossed!

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