Yellow discharge normal?

So going off my other post I'm now having yellow discharge this has been going on for the past few days. I still have yet for my period to start but am still getting negative tests. I had an early MC on the 26th of Oct. imageimageimage



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  • Hi, this looks similar to what I’m getting at the moment, did you end up being pregnan?  I had a weird light period that lasted 1.5 days, mine are normally quite heavy. i almost fainted then it stopped. I’ve taken two hpt so far and both bfn’s. 

  • I've gotten what I think to be faint positives but no big fat positives yet

  • I have two older children and had faint positives first - fingers crossed x

  • I’m having hhis too but think it’s my period coming :((

  • Hi all had a another post up I'm having yellow discharge like yours some of mine be heavier not an infection. I'm two days late now and no sign but negative cheapie test yesterday. So hoping it's a good sign. Let me now how ye all get on? When are ye due af?? 

  • I still have 5 days until period 

  • Just on another post saying the waiting is the worst I've loads of various symptoms but don't know are they in my head.  Just wish I got faint line or af just to let me know either way best of luck x

  • I'm going to take an FRER tomorrow morning and will update then. I'm not sure when my period was due but if I'd go off when they usually show up I'd be almost 3 weeks late. However the doc said my period should return in 4 to 6 weeks however today would be 6 weeks & 3 days.

  • Don't know will I wait or buy frer.. Period was due yesterday still noting did a test and looked back ay it and was a full. Coloured line but after window so evap? Test Is 12 euro mmm

  • Ive had this the entire time in my pregnancy. In 20.5 weeks now. Good lucj on bfp x

  • imagenot seeing anything

  • I wouldn't say this is yellow discharge it's creamy and totally normal xxx

  • It looked yellow to me and I've never had it before so thought it was odd.

  • Sorry here milgoe..maybe pop to the doctor to see what going on.

    PIC included..

    So this is the think yellow discharge I've been have.. Also have had ewcm watery and creamy. Nit infection as I've had plenty b4 to know not itchy or smelly or anything. 


  • That's what mine was like sometimes. I'd love to go to the doc but there's an issue with my insurance right now and I can't afford a doc visit :(

  • Well I think il test tomorrow again if not il head to the doc if I can cause Id be worried about it. I'm around 4 days late as I've said so werid was hoping for answer either way xx

  • I wish either I'd get a blazing positive or AF starts because this is so nerve wracking 

  • I'm the same here like just an answer would be great 😊

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