Spotting 8-10 days before AF due?!

Has anyone ever experienced light discharge/spotting at this point of their cycle or know what it could be?? It’s made me really nervous as I usually only spot/bleed a couple days before AF is due and online it tells you to get unusual spotting checked out...

I dont want to rush to the doctors for nothing but I’ve never had anything this early at this point of my cycle xx


  • Could it be implantation?xx

  • Hello KatieLou31, I am going through the same thing right now. I am currently 10 days before AF. I have been spotting and finding brown discharge for a few days now. I have been reading that it can be implantation bleeding. I too am confused and currently playing the waiting game to test 6days before AF at the earliest.

    You are not alone...

  • Me too, all things are leading to implantation bleeding but obviously do not want to get my hopes up, I think I’ll hold out for a missed AF - if nothing in 2 weeks then I will test! Keeping my fingers crossed for us both Xx

  •  I experienced the same thing, I am now 3 days late. 😱😱😱

  • Ohhh Chelsea are you going to test?! Xx

  • I don't know when to? I have no symptoms at all, no sore boobs, back ache, stomach cramps nothing. Which I usually have before af arrives. Only thing I had was INTENSE cramps about 10dpo for about 6 hours. That's it. Xx 

  • Some people have had no symptoms and ended up pregnant, so this could be your month! Don’t want to get your hopes up, but if you’re late then test!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    My pinky discharge/spotting has stopped today, I had some this morning but no more on my knickers or when I go to the toilet... so nervous Xx

  • KatieLou31, My spotting has stopped but the nausea and cramping is still coming and going. I am at my desk begging my body to get it together so I can get my patients in. Which is very hard because I work in Women's health with all the expecting mothers. I plan to test Monday Morning. I would be 6 days before AF is expected.

    Chelsea2579, You should definitely test. Baby dust to you!

  • My spotting has stopped too, I’m going to wait 2 weeks and then test to be 100% sure xx

  • KatieLou31 I can't wait that long. Ill try though haha

  • I don’t think I can wait that long either 😂 Well my thinking is - if I’m still not on in like a week or 2 then something is amiss as I am never late - mostly early or on time. I also want to give it a few days after missing AF as earlier this year i experienced a chemical pregnancy which was devastating... and I’m also thinking if I am late - I want to test on Christmas Day or nearer Christmas with my partner as that would be the best gift ever Xx

  • Yes KatieLou31 I agree that would be the best gift. I hope you get a BFP

  • Thank you! I’m really nervous, trying not to get my hopes up xx

  • I think I tested early. I only used a test from my job and it wasnt 1st of the morning urine. I’ll test tomorrow 1st thing with first response. image

  • image

    Might be too early wait a few days and test again!! Good luck! Xx

    Well I couldn’t wait.. I tested this morning and got this, 3 days before AF due xx

  • Yayyyy I’m so happy for you 🤗

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