Positive frer before period due


Hi girls, 

would you say this is a strong positive? My period is due tomorrow. I’m so anxious about having another chemical pregnancy, I’ve had 3 so far and I’m desperate for one to stick now!! 

i know its the waiting game but I just wondered what your thoughts and experiences are xx



  • Hiya that is a nice strong line.. I would that's a definate bfp... Hope af don't showher ugly face!!! best of luck and let's us know when you test again :) 

  • thank you, I must keep myself busy all weekend!! Will let you know again beginning of next week :)

  • Mrsj81 that’s a mega line before af is due!!! Congratulations!!!!🍾

  • how many DPO are you MrsJ81? that looks like a really strong positive!!!! awesome! keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you! x

  • Thank you both for your replies, that was 14dpo. still no sign of af, keeping everything crossed (literally!! Lol) for a few more days 🤞 are we all in the same boat here and trying to conceive? X

  • yes I am TTC baby no.1 only been trying a couple months but really want a august or September baby. 

    I am 8DPO... really holding myself back from testing but I'm so impatient! I will wait until atleast day 10... I think. 

    have u had any symptoms? how long have u been TTC? such exciting times ahead !! congrats!!! x

  • we’re still trying for our 1st too. Been trying for 2 and a half years. 2 chemicals and I where it never developed past 5/6 weeks but I had no bleeding so didn’t find out until 12 week scan so that was hard. 

    Yeh do try to hold off a couple more days, easier said than done I know! Are you going to use a frer? I find they give the best results. 

    What made me test was not having my usual sore boobs and back ache before period starts! No symptoms yet. goid luck for your test, let me know :)

  • Yes we’re ttc. Had a crap year. Lost our little boy at 20 weeks pregnant (in March) and then lost again in August at 11 weeks. 

    We do have 2 children already but have been waiting a long time for our third.xxxx

  • I'm due on in 2/3 days and keep having cramps but no sore boobs just very full and filling up my bras very well, it's similar to period cramps but not the same if that makes sense so I don't know what to think. Tested with a cb and pound shop one today and bfn and a cheeky one yesterday which was also a bfn. Bought a first response for the next time I test but I'm trying to wait a few days till period come/doesn't. Good luck 

  • It’s hard work girls trying to conceive these babies and then hard work trying to keep them :(

    emj3 what a year you’ve had, did they find anything wrong with the babies or have they put it down to just ‘bad luck’? 

    How many dpo are you Jade97? 

  • well I tested and got a BFN.... used a FRER ... didn't use FMU though and only 8DPO so ive got some hope still alive in me... I think I'm getting addicted to pregnancy tests. I panic when i have less than 2 tests waiting in the cupboard. 

    I need a distraction from this! come on ladies let's get some more BFPs soon! xx

  • I’m 11dpo roughly give or take a day. Keep cramping and have had a high sex drive the last few days. I went dizzy earlier on even thou I’d eaten and drank. 

  • Mrsj81, I didn’t have the baby tested as I was advised that 80% come back inconclusive. I have somehow managed to develop low platelets in my blood which could possibly be affecting pregnancies. It’s a bit unknown. Hoping third time round will be a happy ending.

    im sorry for the current bfns for some of you but it is early to test and hopefully some will turn into bfps!!!!


  • Hoping that mine turn into bfp over the weekend but really starting to loose hope now ,😥

  • good luck Jade! keep us posted! 

  • jade97 and gsd keeping my fingers crossed for you both testing again soon, the 2ww is such a long time each month! I’m still a testing addict and carrybig them around in my handbag and peek at them to make sure the 2 lines are still there, crazy woman 😬 

    I’m going to do the clear blue weeks indicator on Monday as it should say 2-3 weeks if levels rising as they should be. 

    Emj3 I had tests done for recurrent miscarriages and was told it is likely to come back showing nothing but it actually told me I tested positive for APS (sticky blood syndrome) I’m on a low dose aspirin daily and should be taking heparin injections daily....but we are in the final stages of our NHS referral for ivf. If I let on I’m pregnant they won’t consider any fertility treatment for us for another 12 months. If I don’t bleed over the next week I’m going to book a private early scan and we’ll know then if nhs need to know about this pregnancy. 

    As you can see from the time, I’ve developed insomnia this week and wake up at crazy times! 

  • That’s really interesting mrsj81. I do actually wish I’d had my baby boy tested but it was a whirlwind situation at the time. I am seeing a consultant about my platelets and will be put on low dose steroids as soon as I’m pregnant to see if that helps. Should you be having the injections when pregnant or to get pregnant? It’s a minefield!  I totally understand why you are waiting a little while. Last time I went to the epu, you needed to be 6 weeks or slightly over that to get the heartbeat etc. I really hope this is your happy ending. If you don’t mind me asking, how many mc have you had and how old are you? 

    Jade and gsd- wishing you lots of luck for these bfps!!!!!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Xxx

  • I should be giving myself daily injections  from the start of a pregnancy but I’m going to wait and see what the next couple of weeks bring. If still ok I will get private scanned at 7 weeks. 

    It has taken us 12 months to get to the point of nearly being allowed ivf so I don’t want to mess that up until I know it’s viable! 

    ask whatever you want, 3 losses and I turned 37 in sept, tick tock!! Xx

  • I’m the same mrsj81 although I’m nearly 38! I can hear that clock too Although age is hopefully just a number! 3 losses is hard to take- I really hope that this is it for you. That would be amazing And a lovely Christmas present! 


  • I would be 6 + 2 sun dec 23rd but would rather wait until dec 30th when I’m past 7 weeks. Thinking positive of course but that niggling worry if there wasn’t a heartbeat that really would ruin our Christmas and I’d rather spending Christmas Day thinking I’m pregnant!! Xxx

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