Should I tell? Need help and opinions


I appreciate that there are a load of these threads here and there's no reason why you should reply to mine, but I would love to hear your opinions. 

So I am 13dpo and AF is due Saturday. 

I have been having some symptoms but I am aware that these are also symptoms of AF arriving soon. But I have been feeling a bit sick and tired, moody and cross, and my boobies are killing me! 

I tested on Sunday and got a negative and tested Tuesday and got a negative. My boyfriend is really worried that I am pinning all my hopes on this and that I am going to have my heart  broken if AF arrives on saturday. He cares I know and that's sweet. 

So today I tested because I have been feeling really bad for the last two days. The test I did appeared negative, but then on closer look, seemed to show a line. I took a pic and dark ed it slightly and I can still see it. I posted it on another site and 2 people said they could see it. 

So I took another and it seemed to be a bfn so I am really really confused. 

Would you tell your boyfriend? I would hate for him to get excited and then be totally crushed if AF then shows up? 

I have posted the photos below.the one with the yellow arrow on, the arrow looks like it's pointing at the control line... That's not what it's pointing at, I just have wobbly ha d's! 

Please tell me what you think- Not what you think I want to hear. I'm so confused! .

Thanks for reading xxx imageimage


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